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Which of the following statements are DML statements? (a) Update [tablename] Set [ columnname] = VALUE (b) Delete [tablename] (c) Select * from [tablename] (A)… Read More
In the context of 3D computer graphics, which of the following statements is/are TRUE? P: Orthographic transformations keep parallel lines parallel Q: Orthographic transformations are… Read More
A computer has six tape drives with n processes competing for them. Each process may need two drives. What is the maximum value of n… Read More
Match List-I with List-II: List-I                                   List-II (Software process… Read More
How many are there to place 8 indistinguishable balls into four distinguishable bins? (A) 70 (B) 165 (C) 8 C 4 (D) 8P 4T Answer:… Read More
University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) is a national-level exam, conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA), to provide job opportunities for the posts… Read More
Here, we have listed all these important solved year wise papers. We have tried to solve these paper with best and errorless explanations. We have… Read More
Software products need perfective maintenance for which of the following reasons ? (A) To rectify bugs observed while the system is in use. (B) When… Read More
​Which of the following statements are true ? (i) Every logic network is equivalent to one using just NAND gates or just NOR gates. (ii)… Read More
Suppose a cloud contains software stack such as Operating system, Application software, etc. This model is referred as _________ model. (A) SaaS (B) IaaS (C)… Read More
​ ________ command is used to remove a relation from an SQL database. (A) Update table (B) Remove table (C) Delete table (D) Drop table… Read More
​In 3D Graphics, which of the following statement/s is/are true ? P: Back-face culling is an example of an image-precision visible-surface determination. Q: Z-Buffer is… Read More
​Which of the following is not one of the principles of agile software development method ? (A) Following the plan (B) Embrace change (C) Customer… Read More
The solution of recurrence relation : T(n)=2T(sqrt(n))+lg(n) is (A) O(lg (n) lg(n)) (B) O(lg (n)) (C) O(n lg (n)) (D) O(lg (n) lg(lg(n))) Answer: (D)… Read More
Consider the following minimax game tree search What will be the value propagated at the root ? (A) 6 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 4… Read More

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