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Match the following: List – I List – II (a) Spooling (i) Allows several jobs in memory to improve CPU utilization (b) Multiprogramming (ii)Access to… Read More
A software design is highly modular if: (A) cohesion is functional and coupling is data type. (B) cohesion is coincidental and coupling is data type.… Read More
A Design concept Refinement is a (A) Top-down approach (B) Complementary of Abstraction concept (C) Process of elaboration (D) All of the above Answer: (D)… Read More
Adaptive maintenance is a maintenance which __________. (A) correct errors that were not discovered till testing phase (B) is carried out to port the existing… Read More
Requirements prioritisation and negotiation belongs to: (A) Requirements validation (B) Requirements elicitation (C) Feasibility study (D) Requirements reviews Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease… Read More
Which design matrix is used to measure the compactness of the program in terms of lines of code? (A) Consistency (B) Conciseness (C) Efficiency (D)… Read More
Verification: (A) refers to the set of activities that ensure that software correctly implements a specific function (B) gives answer to the question – Are… Read More
Module design is used to maximize cohesion and minimize coupling. Which of the following is the key to implement this rule? (A) Inheritance (B) Polymorphism… Read More
In XML, DOCTYPE declaration specifies to include a reference to __________ file. (A) Document type Definition (B) Document type declaration (C) Document transfer definition (D)… Read More
In XML we can specify the frequency of an element by using the symbols: (A) + * ! (B) # * ! (C) +* ?… Read More
Which one of the following is correct? (A) Java applets can not be written in any programming language (B) An applet is not a small… Read More
The Servlet Response interface enables a servlet to formulate a response for a client using the method __________. (A) void log(Exception e, String s) (B)… Read More
In Java, when we implement an interface method, it must be declared as: (A) Private (B) Protected (C) Public (D) Friend Answer: (C) Explanation: In… Read More
The number of nodes of height h in any n – element heap is __________. (A) h (B) 2h (C) ceil(n/2h)/ (D) ceil(n/2h+1) Answer: (D)Explanation:Quiz… Read More
Let f(n) and g(n) be asymptotically non-negative functions. Which of the following is correct? (A) θ ( f (n)*g(n)) = min (f (n), g(n)) (B)… Read More