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A hemisphere and a cone have equal bases. If their heights are also equal, then the ratio of their curved surfaces will be: (A) 1:2… Read More
A metallic hemisphere is melted and recast in the shape of a cone with the same base radius (R) as that of the hemisphere. If… Read More
Given: A hemispherical bowl is filled to the brim with water. The content of the bowl i.e. water is transferred into a cylindrical vessel whose… Read More
The circumference of a circle is 100 cm. The side of a square inscribed in the circle is: (A) 50(2^0.5) (B) 100/Pi (C) [50(2^0.5)]/Pi (D)… Read More
The sides of a triangle are 6 cm, 11 cm and 15 cm. The radius of its in-circle is: (A) 3*(2)^0.5 (B) (4/5)*(2)^0.5 (C) (5/4)*(2)^0.5… Read More
An equilateral triangle, a square and a circle have equal perimeters. If T denotes the area of the triangle, S denotes the area of the… Read More
The area of the largest triangle that can be inscribed in a semi-circle of radius r, is:- (A) r^2 (B) 2r^2 (C) r^3 (D) 2r^3… Read More
If an area enclosed by a circle or a square or an equilateral triangle is the same, then the maximum perimeter is possessed by: (A)… Read More
If the radius of a circle is increased by 7.36%, then by how the area will be increased? (A) 13.58 (B) 14.97 (C) 15.26 (D)… Read More
The difference between compound interest and simple interest on an amount of Rs 15,000 for 2 years is Rs 96. What is the rate of… Read More
The least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than doubled is: (A)… Read More
A sum of money is borrowed and paid back in two annual installments of Rs. 882 each allowing 5% compound interest. The sum borrowed was:… Read More
If a total of 324 coins of 20 paise and 25 paise make a sum of Rs 71. Then find the number of 25-paise coins.… Read More
A zoo has some peacocks and some horses. If the number of heads be 48 and the number of feet be 140, then the number… Read More
Find the value of (1-1/3)(1-1/4)(1-1/5)…(1-1/100). (A) 1/10 (B) 1/17 (C) 1/20 (D) 1/50 Answer: (D)Explanation: We have (1-1/3)(1-1/4)(1-1/5)…(1-1/100) = (2/3)(3/4)(4/5)…(99/100) = 2/100 = 1/50. Quiz… Read More

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