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Category Archives: QA – Placement Quizzes

HCF of two numbers is 11 and their LCM is 385. If the numbers do not differ by more than 50, what is the sum… Read More
The LCM of two co-prime numbers is 117. What is the sum of squares of the numbers ? (A) 220 (B) 1530 (C) 250 (D)… Read More
Three friends started running together on a circular track at 8:00:00 am. Time taken by them to complete one round of the track is 15… Read More
What is the largest number which divides 26, 47, 84 to leave remainders 2, 3, 0 respectively ? (A) 4 (B) 6 (C) 8 (D)… Read More
What is the smallest number which when divided by 6, 9, 11, 16 and 22 leaves remainder 3 in each case ? (A) 3267 (B)… Read More
A number leaves remainders 1, 4 and 7 on being divided successively by 3, 5 and 8 respectively. What is the product of the remainders… Read More
On dividing 201098 by a certain number, the quotient is 67 and the remainder is 31. Find the divisor. (A) 3011 (B) 3001 (C) 3021… Read More
You are given the largest number of 5-digit, you have to subtract x from this number so that the number is divisible by 23. Find… Read More
What should be assigned to # so that 2582#724 is divisible by 11 ? (A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7 Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
What is the total number of prime factors in the expression 1212 x 1616 x 1818 ? (A) 46 (B) 154 (C) 3456 (D) 2… Read More
What is the unit’s digit in the product (267)153 x (66666)72 ? (A) 7 (B) 6 (C) 1 (D) 2 Answer: (D) Explanation: We have… Read More
Which of the following are prime numbers ? (A) 147 (B) 327 (C) 547 (D) 637 Answer: (C) Explanation: (i) 147 132 = 169 >… Read More
What could be the maximum value of Y in the following equation given that neither of X, Y, Z is zero? 5X8 + 3Y4 +… Read More
At present father’s age is thrice of son’s age. After 15 years father’s age will be double of son’s age. What is son’s present age?… Read More

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