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Which of the following statements is/are true? P: In a scripting language like javaScript, types are typically associated with values, not variables. Q: It is… Read More
Consider three intensive processes, which requires 10,20 and 30 units of time and arrive at times 0,2 and 6 respectively. how many context switches are… Read More
In relational database management, which of the following is/are property/properties of candidate key? P: Uniqueness Q: Irreducibility (A) P only (B) Q only (C) Both… Read More
In relational database, if a relation R is in BCNF, then which of the following is true about relation R? (A) R is in 4NF… Read More
Prerequisite: Designing Finite Automata DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata or Acceptor) is a finite state machine that accepts or rejects strings of symbols. DFA accepts the… Read More
What is the output of the following JAVA program? public class Good{ Private int m; Public Good(int m){this.m=m;} public Boolean equals(Good n){return n.m=m;} public static… Read More
K-mean clustering algorithm has clustered the given 8 observations into 3 clusters after 1st iteration as follows: C1 : {(3,3), (5,5), (7,7)} C2 : {(0,6),… Read More
For a statement, ” A language L ⊆ Σ* is recursive if there exists some Turing machine M Which of the following conditions is satisfied… Read More
Shift-reduce parser consists of (a) input buffer (b) stack (c) parse table choose the correct option from those given below: (A) (a) and (b) only… Read More
Software validation mainly checks for inconsistencies between (A) Use cases and user requirements (B) Implementation and system design blueprints (C) Detailed specifications and user requirements… Read More
At a particular time of computation, the value of a counting semaphore is 7. Then 20 P(wait) operations and 15 V(signal) operations are completed on… Read More
Consider double hashing of the form h(k,i)=(h​ 1​ (k)+ih​ 2​ (k)) mod m Where h​ 1​ (k)=k mod m h​ 2​ (k)=1+(k mod n) Where… Read More
Consider the Euler’s phi function given by ϕ(n)=nΠp/n(1–1p) where p runs over all the primes dividing n. What is the value of ϕ(45)? (A) 3… Read More
Which of the following problems is/are decidable problem(s) (recursively enumerable) on a Turing machine M? (a) G is a CFG with L(G)=∅ (b) There exist… Read More
Consider a disk system with 100 cylinders. The requests to access the cylinders occur in the following sequence: 4,34,10,7,19,73,2,15,6,20 Assuming that the head is current… Read More