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Which below is correct about package.json in node.js application ? (A) It is present in the root directory of any Node application. (B) It is… Read More
Which type of application does not prefer the backend as node.js ? (A) Single Page (B) JSON APIs based (C) CPU intensive (D) Data-Intensive Answer:… Read More
Which of the below is the correct syntax for installing the Nodemon in the Node.js application ? (A) npm install -g nodemon (B) node install… Read More
How do we send the message from one socket to another socket in Node.js ? (A) socket.send() (B) socket.get() (C) (D) socket.ref() Answer: (A)… Read More
Which below method is used to check whether the given path is an absolute path or not in Node.js ? (A) path.Query() (B) path.render() (C)… Read More
Which of the below method is used to return the current working directory of the process ? (A) cwd(); (B) cmd(); (C) pwd(); (D) None… Read More
What is the default scope in the Node.js application ? (A) Global (B) Local (C) Global Function (D) Local to object Answer: (B) Explanation: Local… Read More
How do we return a path string from the given path object in Node.js ? (A) path.get() (B) path.set() (C) path.format() (D) path.return() Answer: (C)… Read More
Which template engines can be used with Node.js ? (A) Jade (B) Vash (C) Handlebars (D) All of the above Answer: (C) Explanation: Handlebars are… Read More
Which of the below fs module is used to truncate a file ? (A) fs.delete(fd, len, callback) (B) fs.remove(fd, len, callback) (C) fs.ftruncate(fd, len, callback)… Read More
Which of the below command will show all the modules installed locally ? (A) npm ls -g (B) npm ls (C) node ls -g (D)… Read More
Which of the below modules is not a built-in module in Node.js ? (A) zlib (B) HTTPS (C) dgram (D) fsread Answer: (D) Explanation: The… Read More
How modules in Node.js can be connected from one component to another ? (A) Expose (B) Module (C) Exports (D) All of the above Answer:… Read More
Node.js is written in (A) JavaScript (B) C (C) C++ (D) All of the above Answer: (D) Explanation: Node.js is a backend JavaScript Framework. NodeJS… Read More
Which property in CSS is used to set the width of the padding area on the right of an element ? (A) padding-down (B) padding-left… Read More

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