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Which of the following is not true about comparison based sorting algorithms? (A) The minimum possible time complexity of a comparison based sorting algorithm is… Read More
A CPU generates 32-bit virtual addresses. The page size is 4 KB. The processor has a translation look-aside buffer (TLB) which can hold a total… Read More
A computer system supports 32-bit virtual addresses as well as 32-bit physical addresses. Since the virtual address space is of the same size as the… Read More
Consider three CPU-intensive processes, which require 10, 20 and 30 time units and arrive at times 0, 2 and 6, respectively. How many context switches… Read More
Consider the following snapshot of a system running n processes. Process i is holding Xi instances of a resource R, 1 <= i <= n.… Read More
The atomic fetch-and-set x, y instruction unconditionally sets the memory location x to 1 and fetches the old value of x in y without allowing… Read More
Suppose n processes, P1, …. Pn share m identical resource units, which can be reserved and released one at a time. The maximum resource requirement… Read More
Increasing the RAM of a computer typically improves performance because: (A) Virtual memory increases (B) Larger RAMs are faster (C) Fewer page faults occur (D)… Read More
What is the swap space in the disk used for? (A) Saving temporary html pages (B) Saving process data (C) Storing the super-block (D) Storing… Read More
Which of the following standard algorithms is not Dynamic Programming based. (A) Bellman–Ford Algorithm for single source shortest path (B) Floyd Warshall Algorithm for all… Read More
Which of the following pairs of traversals is not sufficient to build a binary tree from the given traversals? (A) Preorder and Inorder (B) Preorder… Read More
In delete operation of BST, we need inorder successor (or predecessor) of a node when the node to be deleted has both left and right… Read More
What is the worst case time complexity for search, insert and delete operations in a general Binary Search Tree? (A) O(n) for all (B) O(Logn)… Read More
Which of the following algorithms is NOT a divide & conquer algorithm by nature? (A) Euclidean algorithm to compute the greatest common divisor (B) Heap… Read More
Consider a situation where swap operation is very costly. Which of the following sorting algorithms should be preferred so that the number of swap operations… Read More

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