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Terminal is one of the most common tool used by developers. Many applications, frameworks, and even programming languages have more function which can be invoked… Read More
Laser printers is an output device which uses electrostatic digital printing process to produce high quality of graphics and texts. Working of a laser printer… Read More
MongoDB module: This module of Node.js is used for connecting the MongoDB database as well as used for manipulating the collections and databases in MongoDB.… Read More
Given a web page and the task is to place the background image on web page using ::before pseudo selector. The ::before pseudo selector is… Read More
In this article, we are going to store data in database which is submitted through HTML form.  Requirements: XAMPP Server (Web Server) HTML PHP MySQL… Read More
We have given a web page containing elements and the task is to add border to an element on mouse move over (hover) using CSS.… Read More
In this article, we are going to store data present in CSV file into MySQL database using PHP in XAMPP server and display the data… Read More
In this article, we are going to load the data present in the database (MySQL) into CSV file. Display the data in the database and… Read More
We have given an array and the task is to convert the array elements into string. In this article, we are using two methods to… Read More
In this article, we will create a covid fighter game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this game, we will create three objects the first… Read More
Protractor is an end-to-end test framework that is developed for AngularJS and Angular applications. It basically runs the tests against the application which is interacting… Read More
What is localStorage? The localStorage is a Web API available to all modern web browsers by default. It allows websites to store a minimal amount… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to make a fully responsive webpage for an online food delivery system using HTML and CSS. Files used:… Read More
Making a particular content area scrollable is done by using CSS overflow property. There are different values in overflow property that are listed below.  visible:… Read More
We are going to perform the basic arithmetic operations like- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using PHP. We are using HTML form to take the… Read More

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