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Let ⟨M⟩ denote an encoding of an automaton M. Suppose that Σ={0,1}. Which of the following languages is/are NOT recursive? (A) L = {⟨M⟩ ∣… Read More
In the context of operating systems, which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to paging? (A) Paging helps solve the issue of external… Read More
A binary search tree T contains n distinct elements. What is the time complexity of picking an element in T that is smaller than the… Read More
Consider the following array. Which algorithm out of the following options uses the least number of comparisons (among the array elements) to sort the above… Read More
Consider the following two statements. S1: Destination MAC address of an ARP reply is a broadcast address. S2: Destination MAC address of an ARP request… Read More
Let p and q be two propositions. Consider the following two formulae in propositional logic. S1: (¬p∧(p∨q))→q S2: q→(¬p∧(p∨q)) Which one of the following choices… Read More
Let the representation of a number in base 3 be 210. What is the hexadecimal representation of the number? (A) 15 (B) 21 (C) D2… Read More
Consider the following statements. S1: Every SLR(1) grammar is unambiguous but there are certain unambiguous grammars that are not SLR(1). S2: For any context-free grammar,… Read More
Consider the following statements. S1: The sequence of procedure calls corresponds to a preorder traversal of the activation tree. S2: The sequence of procedure returns… Read More
Consider the following three functions. f1 = 10n f2 = nlogn f3 = n√n Which one of the following options arranges the functions in the… Read More
Let P be an array containing n integers. Let t be the lowest upper bound on the number of comparisons of the array elements, required… Read More
Suppose that L1 is a regular language and L2 is a context-free language. Which one of the following languages is NOT necessarily context-free? (A) L1∩L2… Read More
In this article, we will discuss various scheduling algorithms for Greedy Algorithms. Many scheduling problems can be solved using greedy algorithms. Problem statement: Given N… Read More
Some people suggest anti-obesity measures (AOM) such as displaying calorie information in restaurant menus. Such measures sidestep addressing the core problems that cause obesity: poverty… Read More
Given below are two statements 1 and 2, and two conclusions I and II Statement 1: All bacteria are microorganisms. Statement 2: All pathogens are… Read More

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