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Consider a computer system with a byte-addressable primary memory of size 232 bytes. Assume the computer system has a direct-mapped cache of size 32 KB… Read More
Consider the following sequence of operations on an empty stack. Push(54);push(52);pop();push(55);push(62);s=pop(); Consider the following sequence of operations on an empty queue. enqueue(21);enqueue(24);dequeue();enqueue(28);enqueue(32);q=dequeue(); The value of… Read More
Consider the following expression. The value of the above expression (rounded to 2 ddecimal places) is ___________. (A) 0.25 (B) 0.20 (C) 0.35 (D) 0.50… Read More
There are 6 jobs with distinct difficulty levels, and 3 computers with distinct processing speeds. Each job is assigned to a computer such that: The… Read More
The lifetime of a component of a certain type is a random variable whose probability density function is exponentially distributed with parameter 2. For a… Read More
Consider the following undirected graph with edge weights as shown: The number of minimum-weight spanning trees of the graph is ___________. (A) 3 (B) 4… Read More
In an undirected connected planar graph G, there are eight vertices and five faces. The number of edges in G is _________. (A) 10 (B)… Read More
Consider a linear list based directory implementation in a file system. Each directory is a list of nodes, where each node contains the file name… Read More
Which of the following standard C library functions will always invoke a system call when executed from a single-threaded process in a UNIX/Linux operating system?… Read More
Suppose a database system crashes again while recovering from a previous crash. Assume checkpointing is not done by the database either during the transactions or… Read More
Let ⟨M⟩ denote an encoding of an automaton M. Suppose that Σ={0,1}. Which of the following languages is/are NOT recursive? (A) L = {⟨M⟩ ∣… Read More
In the context of operating systems, which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to paging? (A) Paging helps solve the issue of external… Read More
A binary search tree T contains n distinct elements. What is the time complexity of picking an element in T that is smaller than the… Read More
Consider the following array. Which algorithm out of the following options uses the least number of comparisons (among the array elements) to sort the above… Read More
Consider the following two statements. S1: Destination MAC address of an ARP reply is a broadcast address. S2: Destination MAC address of an ARP request… Read More

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