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Consider the following ANSI C program. #include int main() { int i, j, count; count=0; i=0; for (j=-3; j= 0) && (i++)) count = count… Read More
Let G=(V,E) be an undirected unweighted connected graph. The diameter of G is defined as: Let M be the adjacency matrix of G. Define graph… Read More
Consider the two statements. S1: There exist random variables X and Y such that S2: For all random variables X and Which one of the… Read More
Let G be a group of order 6, and H be a subgroup of G such that 1
Consider the relation R(P,Q,S,T,X,Y,Z,W) with the following functional dependencies. Consider the decomposition of the relation R into the constituent relations according to the following two… Read More
Let ri(z) and wi(z) denote read and write operations respectively on a data item z by a transaction Ti. Consider the following two schedules. S1:… Read More
Consider the following context-free grammar where the set of terminals is {a,b,c,d,f}. The following is a partially-filled LL(1) parsing table. Which one of the following… Read More
Consider the following recurrence relation. Which one of the following options is correct? (A) T(n) = Θ(n5/2) (B) T(n) = Θ(nlogn) (C) T(n) = Θ(n)… Read More
Assume that a 12-bit Hamming codeword consisting of 8-bit data and 4 check bits is d8d7d6d5c8d4d4d3d2c4d1c2c1, where the data bits and the check bits are… Read More
Consider a 3-bit counter, designed using T flip-flops, as shown below: Assuming the initial state of the counter given by PQR as 000, what are… Read More
The following relation records the age of 500 employees of a company, where empNo ( indicating the employee number) is the key: Consider the following… Read More
Consider the following grammar (that admits a series of declarations, followed by expressions) and the associated syntax directed translation (SDT) actions, given as pseudo-code With… Read More
Three processes arrive at time zero with CPU bursts of 16, 20 and 10 milliseconds. If the scheduler has prior knowledge about the length of… Read More
Consider the following representation of a number in IEEE 754 single-precision floating point format with a bias of 127. S : 1 E : 10000001… Read More
A relation r(A,B) in a relational database has 1200 tuples. The attribute A has integer values ranging from 6 to 20, and the attribute B… Read More

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