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Define Rn to be the maximum amount earned by cutting a rod of length n meters into one or more pieces of integer length and… Read More
For a Turing machine M, ⟨M⟩ denotes an encoding of M. Consider the following two languages. L1 = { ⟨M⟩ ∣ M takes more than… Read More
Consider the following language: L = { w∈{0,1}∗ ∣ w ends with the substring 011 } Which one of the following deterministic finite automata accepts… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program. #include int main() { int i, j, count; count=0; i=0; for (j=-3; j= 0) && (i++)) count = count… Read More
Let G=(V,E) be an undirected unweighted connected graph. The diameter of G is defined as: Let M be the adjacency matrix of G. Define graph… Read More
Consider the two statements. S1: There exist random variables X and Y such that S2: For all random variables X and Which one of the… Read More
Let G be a group of order 6, and H be a subgroup of G such that 1
Consider the relation R(P,Q,S,T,X,Y,Z,W) with the following functional dependencies. Consider the decomposition of the relation R into the constituent relations according to the following two… Read More
Let ri(z) and wi(z) denote read and write operations respectively on a data item z by a transaction Ti. Consider the following two schedules. S1:… Read More
Consider the following context-free grammar where the set of terminals is {a,b,c,d,f}. The following is a partially-filled LL(1) parsing table. Which one of the following… Read More
Consider the following recurrence relation. Which one of the following options is correct? (A) T(n) = Θ(n5/2) (B) T(n) = Θ(nlogn) (C) T(n) = Θ(n)… Read More
Assume that a 12-bit Hamming codeword consisting of 8-bit data and 4 check bits is d8d7d6d5c8d4d4d3d2c4d1c2c1, where the data bits and the check bits are… Read More
Consider a 3-bit counter, designed using T flip-flops, as shown below: Assuming the initial state of the counter given by PQR as 000, what are… Read More
The following relation records the age of 500 employees of a company, where empNo ( indicating the employee number) is the key: Consider the following… Read More
Consider the following grammar (that admits a series of declarations, followed by expressions) and the associated syntax directed translation (SDT) actions, given as pseudo-code With… Read More

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