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Weakly Connected Graph: A directed graph ‘G = (V, E)’ is weakly connected if the underlying undirected graph Ĝ is connected.  The underlying undirected graph… Read More
Which below method in Node.js is used to create a new Deflate object ? (A) zlib.createDeflate() (B) zlib.createGunzip() (C) zlib.createUnzip() (D) zlib.createZip() Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
How we find the relative path from a given path to another path based on the current working directory ? (A) path.relative() (B) path.parse() (C)… Read More
Which dependencies in Node.js is used to abstract non-blocking Input Output operations to a consistent interface ? (A) Open SSL (B) v8 (C) libuv (D)… Read More
Which below method is used to get and set the fragment portion of the URL in Node.js ? (A) url.encode (B) url.decrypt (C) url.encrypt (D)… Read More
Which below method is used to run an asynchronous function and get a callback in the node.js ? (A) util.format() (B) util.inherits() (C) util.callbackify() (D)… Read More
Which module in node.js provides access to various utility functions ? (A) Utility (B) URL (C) UDP (D) Process Answer: (A) Explanation: The Utility module… Read More
Which v8 method is used to serialize any type of data into a buffer using default serializer ? (A) v8.Serializer.writeValue() (B) v8.Serializer.writeHeader() (C) v8.serialize() (D)… Read More
Which property is used to yields an object listing Zlib-related constants ? (A) zlib.constants() (B) zlib.createBrotliDecompress() (C) zlib.createUnzip() (D) zlib.createBrotliCompress() Answer: (A) Explanation: The zlib.constants… Read More
Which method finds the maximum number of sockets that will be left open in the free state ? (A) agent.minFreeSockets (B) agent.maxFreeSockets (C) agent.maxSockets (D)… Read More
Which method is used to return all the remaining input stored in the internal buffer as a string ? (A) stringDecoder.start() (B) stringDecoder.end() (C) stringEncoder.start()… Read More
Which data-handling method and is used to read or write input into output sequentially ? (A) Utility (B) Timer (C) Decoder (D) Stream Answer: (D)… Read More
Which below method is responsible for parsing and formatting URL query strings ? (A) Query (B) String decoder (C) steam (D) VM Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
Which below in Node.js are used to join a number of path segments ? (A) path.argv() (B) path.join() (C) path.chdir() (D) path.argv() Answer: (B) Explanation:… Read More
How do we get the filename portion of a path to the file in Node.js ? (A) path.extname() (B) path.basename() (C) path.dirname() (D) path.delimiter Answer:… Read More

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