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Priority queue is a data structure in which data is stored on basis of its priority. In an Indexed Priority Queue, data is stored just… Read More
Redirection in Computer Science is an essential beneficial service that helps website owners and administrators point their associated domains and subdomains to specific destination URLs… Read More
Prerequisite : Cache Organization Introduction :In this article we will try to understand about Simultaneous Cache access as well as Hierarchical Cache Access in detail… Read More
An array is a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. It is to store multiple items of the same type together. This makes… Read More
 External entities in DFD are shown by:- (A) Circle (B) Rectangle (C) Ellipse (D) Hexagon Answer: (B)Explanation:Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment below if you find… Read More
Overview :For minimal memory applications, the 8051 has internal data and code memory. In such a position. For certain applications, this memory capacity will not… Read More
ARM Pipelining : A Pipelining is the mechanism used by RISC(Reduced instruction set computer) processors to execute instructions, by speeding up the execution by fetching… Read More
Introduction : In digital systems, the binary information is divided into data and control information. Data information is manipulated by various operations like arithmetic, shift,… Read More
1. Find the size of the memory if its address consists of 22 bits. Assume the memory is 2-byte addressable.Solution – If the given address consists… Read More
1. Cache coherence :Cache coherence in computer architecture refers to the consistency of shared resource data that is stored in multiple local caches. When clients… Read More
Should you prefer Bootstrap or Material UI for web development? This is a long-standing question for frontend developers and especially those who have just started… Read More
Overview : The 8086 microprocessor operates in minimum mode when MN/MX’ = 1. In minimum mode,8086 is the only processor in the system which provides… Read More
Overview :The seating arrangement is the arrangement of people/objects logically. It can be a linear arrangement or circular arrangement. In circular seating arrangement, we arrange… Read More
8086 microprocessor characteristics:  It contains 20 bit address bus. It contains 16-bit data bus, therefore 8086 is called as 16-bit microprocessor. It is 2-stage pipelined… Read More
What is 4 Bit Binary Incrementer ?It adds 1 binary value to the existing binary value stored in the register or in other words we… Read More

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