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Javascript is a high-level, Just In Time compiled programming language which converts the entire machine code at once and then executes it immediately. Javascript code… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss Axioms of Boolean Algebra; these axioms/Theorems are important as these will be used in many different topics… Read More
There are many different types of questions that are asked from the Direction and Distance topic. Those questions are generally related to the direction and… Read More
A Pushdown Automata (PDA) is a way to implement context-free Grammer in a similar way. We design Finite Automata for Regular Grammar. It is more… Read More
The questions of Order and Ranking chapters are considered as important questions in the Logical Reasoning section of various Bank PO, Clerk, SSC, and Railways… Read More
There are many different types of questions that are asked from the order and ranking topic. Those questions are generally related to rank from the… Read More
As the regular expressions can be constructed from Finite Automata using the State Elimination Method, the reverse method, state decomposition method can be used to… Read More
A signed integer is an integer with a positive ‘+’ or negative sign ‘-‘ associated with it. Since the computer only understands binary, it is… Read More
Numerical computations play an important role in solving real-life mathematical problems. Numerical methods are the procedures by applying arithmetic operations one can formulate mathematical problems… Read More
Compaction is a technique to collect all the free memory present in form of fragments into one large chunk of free memory, which can be… Read More
Logisim is a very powerful tool that is used to design and simulate digital logic circuits. Digital logic circuits are the electronic circuits that are… Read More
Match List-I with List-II: List-I                                        … Read More
Which of the following statements is/are true? P: In a scripting language like javaScript, types are typically associated with values, not variables. Q: It is… Read More
Consider three intensive processes, which requires 10,20 and 30 units of time and arrive at times 0,2 and 6 respectively. how many context switches are… Read More
In relational database management, which of the following is/are property/properties of candidate key? P: Uniqueness Q: Irreducibility (A) P only (B) Q only (C) Both… Read More

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