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Which of the following is identical for $(document).ready(function)? (A) jQuery(function) (B) $(function) (C) #(function) (D) read(function) Answer: (B)Explanation: $(function) is identical to $(document).ready(function) Here ready… Read More
How do you get the character at the specified index at jQuery? (A) GetCharAt() (B) CharAt() (C) CharacterAt() (D) None Of The Above Answer: (B)… Read More
If you want to add or remove CSS classes which of the following jQuery method is Used? (A) toggleClass() (B) switch() (C) altClass() (D) switchClass()… Read More
Which of the below is the correct way to get the browser vendor information? (A) Modal (B) Version (C) Browser (D) Navigator Answer: (D)Explanation: Navigator… Read More
Which of the following is the correct output for finding the total argument in function? (A) Using args. length Property (B) Using arguments.length Property (C)… Read More
What is the correct occurrence of the following code: $('#functioncode').find('list') .width(300).addClass('selectedList') (A) AJAX (B) Animating (C) Chaining (D) Event bubbling Answer: (C) Explanation: While using… Read More
Which selector is used to select input elements with having a text field? (A) $(:password) (B) $(“:text”) (C) $(“:password”) (D) $(:text) Answer: (B) Explanation: The… Read More
In jQuery which one of the below scripts is used to show the correct toggle option? (A) fadeIn() (B) fadeOut() (C) toggle() (D) D) fadeToggle()… Read More
Which of the following is best suited for jQuery? (A) Client Scripting (B) Server Scripting (C) Both of them (D) None of them Answer: (A)… Read More
Which of the following function is used to stop the jquery? (A) stop() (B) delay() (C) pause() (D) shutdown() Answer: (B) Explanation: The delay() function… Read More
Which of the below method is used to show the asynchronous request? (A) jQuery.ajaxAsync() (B) jQuery.ajaxLoad() (C) jQuery.ajax() (D) All of the following Answer: (C)… Read More
Which of the below cookie plugin is used in jQuery? (A) Dazzler (B) Session (C) Dough (D) None of these Answer: (C) Explanation: Dough is… Read More
Which of the below jQuery method is used to find the set of elements that is the closest parent to the specified selector? (A) getNearest(… Read More
In jquery CSS(‘width’) is the way to change the width of? (A) Selector (B) Element (C) Fade effect (D) Radio button Answer: (B)Explanation: CSS(‘width’) methods… Read More
Which one of the following options is true for selecting the specified text? (A) :target() (B) :selects() (C) :choose (D) None of the them Answer:… Read More

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