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Consider a complete binary tree with 7 nodes. Let A denote the set of first 3 elements obtained by performing Breadth-First Search (BFS) starting from… Read More
Choose the correct choice(s) regarding the following proportional logic assertion S: S:((P∧Q)→R)→((P∧Q)→(Q→R)) (A) S is neither a tautology nor a contradiction (B) S is a… Read More
Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct in the context of CPU scheduling? (A) Turnaround time includes waiting time (B) The goal is to only… Read More
In the context of compilers, which of the following is/are NOT an intermediate representation of the source program? (A) Three address code (B) Abstract Syntax… Read More
Let L1 be a regular language and L2 be a context-free language. Which of the following languages is/are context-free? (A) L1∩L2‘ (B) (L1‘∪L2‘)’ (C) L1∪(L2∪L2‘)… Read More
Consider the following sets, where n≥2: S1: Set of all n×n matrices with entries from the set {a,b,c} S2: Set of all functions from the… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program. #include < stdio.h > int main( ) { int arr[4][5]; int i, j; for (i=0; i
Let L⊆{0,1}∗ be an arbitrary regular language accepted by a minimal DFA with k states. Which one of the following languages must necessarily be accepted… Read More
What is the worst-case number of arithmetic operations performed by recursive binary search on a sorted array of size n? (A) Θ(√n) (B) Θ(log2(n)) (C)… Read More
Consider the three-way handshake mechanism followed during TCP connection establishment between hosts P and Q. Let X and Y be two random 32-bit starting sequence… Read More
Consider the following statements S1 and S2 about the relational data model: S1: A relation scheme can have at most one foreign key. S2: A… Read More
Which one of the following circuits implements the Boolean function given below? f(x,y,z) = m0 + m1 + m3 + m4 + m5 + m6… Read More
The format of the single-precision floating point representation of a real number as per the IEEE 754 standard is as follows: Which one of the… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program:   int main () { Integer x; return 0; } Which one of the following phases in a seven-phase C… Read More
Let H be a binary min-heap consisting of n elements implemented as an array. What is the worst case time complexity of an optimal algorithm… Read More