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Software validation mainly checks for inconsistencies between (A) Use cases and user requirements (B) Implementation and system design blueprints (C) Detailed specifications and user requirements… Read More
At a particular time of computation, the value of a counting semaphore is 7. Then 20 P(wait) operations and 15 V(signal) operations are completed on… Read More
Consider double hashing of the form h(k,i)=(h​ 1​ (k)+ih​ 2​ (k)) mod m Where h​ 1​ (k)=k mod m h​ 2​ (k)=1+(k mod n) Where… Read More
Consider the Euler’s phi function given by ϕ(n)=nΠp/n(1–1p) where p runs over all the primes dividing n. What is the value of ϕ(45)? (A) 3… Read More
Which of the following problems is/are decidable problem(s) (recursively enumerable) on a Turing machine M? (a) G is a CFG with L(G)=∅ (b) There exist… Read More
Consider a disk system with 100 cylinders. The requests to access the cylinders occur in the following sequence: 4,34,10,7,19,73,2,15,6,20 Assuming that the head is current… Read More
Suppose that a connected planar graph has six vertices, each of degrees four. Into how many regions is the plane divided by a planar representation… Read More
In the TCP/IP model, encryption and decryption are functions of ____ layer. (A) Datalink layer (B) Network layer (C) Transport layer (D) Application layer Answer:… Read More
Match List-I with List-II List-I                    List-II (a) Disk                … Read More
Consider the equation (146)​ b​ + (313)​ b-2​ = (246)​ 8​ . Which of the following is the value of b? (A) 8 (B) 7… Read More
How many different Boolean functions of degree n are there? (A) 22n (B) (2^2)^n (C) 2^2^n-1 (D) 2^n Answer: (A) Explanation: As we can see… Read More
Which type of addressing mode, less number of memory references are required? (A) Immediate (B) Implied (C) Register (D) Indexed (E) None of the above… Read More
Which data structure is used by the compiler for managing variables and their attributes? (A) Binary tree (B) Link lIst (C) Symbol table (D) Parse… Read More
A fuzzy conjunction operator denoted as t(x,y) and a fuzzy disjunction operator denoted as s(x, y) form a dual pair if they satisfy the condition:… Read More
Replacing the expression 4*2.14 by 8.56 is known as (A) Constant folding (B) Induction variable (C) Strength reduction (D) Code reduction Answer: (A) Explanation: Given… Read More

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