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 Which of the following is the way to manually start the application in Angular? (A) angular. bootstrap (B) angular.element (C) angular. copy (D) None of… Read More
Which of the following is a way for applying expression in AngularJS application ? (A) (expression) (B) {{expression}} (C) {({expression})} (D) [expression] Answer: (B) Explanation:… Read More
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Angular.js is the combination of which of the following languages ? (A) HTML and PHP (B) HTML and CrossScript (C) HTML and Bootstrap (D) HTML… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the overview part of Full Adder using Verilog HDL. And the objective to understand the concept and will implement… Read More
Transition Table :Transition function(∂) is a function which maps Q * ∑ into Q . Here ‘Q’ is set of states and ‘∑’ is input… Read More
Ladner’s theorem in TOC :As you presumably know, regardless of whether  P = NP is a significant perplexing issue in field of Computer Science. In… Read More
Reduction Theorem :A reduction from A to B is a function              f : Σ1* → Σ2* such that For… Read More
For solving complex problems we require efficient algorithm. We face so many problems and some of them can be solved by using an algorithm and… Read More
Prerequisite :  Half SubtractorWe are given with two inputs A and B. Our task is to implement Half Subtractor circuit and print the outputs difference… Read More
Prerequisite : Multiplexer, Full adder  Introduction : Multiplexer and Full adder are two different Digital Logic circuits. The Multiplexer is a digital switch. It allows digital… Read More
Prerequisite : Half Adder in Digital Logic We are given with two inputs A and B. Our task is to implement Half Adder circuit and… Read More
Forward list in standard template library of C++. It comes under #include<forward_list> header file. It is implemented as a singly linked list. It was introduced… Read More
Prerequisite : Full AdderWe are given three inputs of Full Adder A, B,C-IN. The task is to implement the Full Adder circuit and Print output… Read More
Prerequisite : Full SubtractorGiven three inputs of Full Subtractor A, B, Bin. The task is to implement the Full Subtractor circuit and Print output states… Read More