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Prerequisite – Turing Machine Turing Machines can broadly be classified into two types, the Acceptors and the Transducers. Acceptor Turing Machine is an automaton used… Read More
Overview :Computer Science is the science of computers how computers work and do computations. Laptops, desktops, quantum computers, microprocessors, etc. are all the physical aspects… Read More
The RAM,i.e Random Access Memory is a primary source of data storing memory device for the computers. This memory is available in 2 forms, named… Read More
Suppose we have a question : Que: Construct minimal state DFA that accepts set of all binary no. which is 2 mod 5(say) Ans: 5… Read More
The directive which is responsible for adding or removing the element in HTML is: (A) ng-switch (B) ng-model (C) ng-Disabled (D) ng-Cloak Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
JQLite is used for ? (A) Built-in subset of jQuery (B) Built-in superset of jQuery (C) KnockoutJS built-in subset of jQuery (D) KnockoutJS built-in superset… Read More
angular. modules are used- (A) Destroys an application module (B) Creates an application module (C) Invokes an application module (D) None Answer: (B)Explanation: angular.modules contain… Read More
In AngularJs the controller which takes only one parameter is called: (A) $param (B) $control (C) $scope (D) $scont Answer: (C)Explanation: The $scope is the… Read More
Which of the following type of components in AngularJs is used to create a custom directive ? (A) Element directives (B) Attribute (C) CSS (D)… Read More
Which of the following is a way to push one HTML content into another HTML content? (A) Server Side push (B) Use of Comment (C)… Read More
The component which is used for adding the dependency in AngularJS application are: (A) Value (B) Factory (C) Constant (D) Application Module Answer: (D)Explanation: The… Read More
Which of the below templates is used for writing the AngularJs directive ? (A) Tag (B) Attribute (C) Class name (D) All of the above… Read More
Which of the following is the correct syntax for the create module in angularJs ? (A) ar myModule= module(); (B) var myModule= new Module(); (C)… Read More
Which of the following is used to bind the value of HTML controls in the text area to the application data ? (A) ng-cloak (B)… Read More
What of the following is the correct way for applying multiple filters in AngularJS ? (A) {{ expression | filter1 | filter2}} (B) {{ expression… Read More