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Which Node.js method allows us to execute a block of code or a function after a set period? (A) Buffer (B) Timer (C) Speed (D)… Read More
Node.js provides utilities for URL resolution and parsing______? (A) URL() (B) Global() (C) Timers() (D) Buffers() Answer: (A) Explanation: The URL module provides utilities for… Read More
Which below method is used to get the IP addresses of the current server in Node.js ? (A) dnsPromises.resolve4() (B) dnsPromises.resolveAny() (C) dnsPromises.resolveMx() (D) dnsPromises.getServers()… Read More
Which DNS protocol is used to resolve the IPv4 address for the specified hostname ? (A) dns.resolveNaptr() (B) dns.resolve6() (C) dns.resolvePtr() (D) dns.resolve4() Answer: (D)… Read More
Which of the below module handles file operations like creating, reading, deleting in Node.js ? (A) Crypto module (B) File module (C) Os module (D)… Read More
Which DNS protocol is used to resolve name server records for the specified hostname ? (A) dns.resolveNs() (B) dns.resolveNapt() (C) dns.resolveMx() (D) dns.resolvePtr() Answer: (A)… Read More
Which method is used as a name resolution facility in Node.js ? (A) Assert (B) Http (C) DNS (D) Lookup Answer: (C) Explanation: DNS stands… Read More
Which module is used to update the cipher according to the given encoding format ? (A) crypto.incrypt() (B) cipher.update() (C) cipher.increment() (D) crypto.scrypt() Answer: (B)… Read More
Which cipher method is used to return the buffer containing the value of cipher object ? (A) cipher.last() (B) cipher.start() (C) (D) cipher.update() Answer:… Read More
Which below method is method to stop the time in Node.js ? (A) console.timeEnd() (B) console.timeStamp() (C) console.trace() (D) console.end() Answer: (A) Explanation: The console.timeEnd()… Read More
Which parse method is used to return the object whose properties represent the path ? (A) path.parse() (B) path.Reset() (C) path.countReset() (D) parse.countReset() Answer: (A)… Read More
Which of the below is temporary memory storage that stores the data when it is being moved from one place to another ? (A) Buffer.copy()… Read More
Which fs module in Node.js is used to get file information ? (A), flags[, mode], callback) (B) fs.stat(path, callback) (C) fs.readFile(path, flags[, mode], callback)… Read More
Which of the below options is correct about package.json in the node.js application? (A) It is present in the root directory of any Node application.… Read More
Which type of application does not prefer the backend as node.js ? (A) Single Page (B) JSON APIs based (C) CPU intensive (D) Data-Intensive Answer:… Read More

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