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The Operating System of a computer may periodically collect all the free memory space to form contiguous block of free space. This is called: (A)… Read More
What is the output of the following program ? main (){ int x = 2, y = 5; if(x < y) return (x = x… Read More
The lower degree of cohesion is kind of (A) Logical Cohesion (B) Coincidental Cohesion (C) Procedural Cohesion (D) Communicational Cohesion Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of… Read More
The Functions Point (FP) metric is (A) Calculated from user requirement (B) Calculated from lines of code (C) Calculated from software complexity assessment (D) None… Read More
Given a binary-max heap. The elements are stored in an arrays as 25, 14, 16, 13, 10, 8, 12. What is the content of the… Read More
For a multi-processor architecture, In which protocol a write transaction is forwarded to only those processors that are known to possess a copy of newly… Read More
A particular parallel program computation requires 100 sec when executed on a single processor. If 40% of this computation is inherently sequential (i.e. will not… Read More
Consider the following C++ program’ int a (int m) {return ++m;} int b(int&m) {return ++m;} int c(char &m) {return ++m;} void main 0 { int… Read More
Consider the set of relations given below and the SQL query that follows Students : (Roll number, Name, Date of birth) Courses: (Course number, Course… Read More
For a database relation R(a,b,c,d) where the domains of a, b, c and d include only atomic values, only the following functional dependencies and those… Read More
A CFG(Context Free Grammar) is said to be in Chomsky Normal Form (CNF), if all the productions are of the form A -> BC or… Read More
The FSM (Finite State Machine) machine pictured in the figure above (A) Complements a given bit pattern (B) Finds 2’s complement of a given bit… Read More
CFG (Context Free Grammar) is not closed under (A) Union (B) Complementation (C) Kleene star (D) Product Answer: (B) Explanation: Context free languages (CFL) are… Read More
Choose the correct statement: (A) A = {an bn | n = 1, 2, 3, …. } is a regular language (B) The set B,… Read More
A language with string manipulation facilities uses the following operations. head(s)- returns the first character of the string s tail(s)- returns all but the first… Read More

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