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Which of the following is FALSE with respect to possible outcomes of executing a Turing Machine over a given input? (A) it may halt and… Read More
Assume the following information: Original timestamp value = 46 Receive timestamp value = 59 Transmit timestamp value = 60 Timestamp at arrival of packet =… Read More
A supernet has a first address of and a supernet mask of A router receives 4 packets with the following destination addresses. Which… Read More
Which of the following is not valid Boolean algebra rule? (A) X.X = X (B) (X + Y).X = X (C) X ̄ + XY… Read More
An IP packet has arrived with the first 8 bits as 0100 0010. Which of the following is correct? (A) The number of hops this… Read More
The conic section that is obtained when a right circular cone is cut through a plane that is parallel to the side of the cone… Read More
Consider the logic circuit given below. The inverter, AND and OR gates have delays of 6, 10 and 11 nanoseconds respectively. Assuming that wire delays… Read More
Consider the following grammar. S -> AB A -> a A -> BaB B -> bbA Which of the following statements is FALSE? (A) The… Read More
Which of the following is NOT represented in a subroutine’s activation record frame for a stack-based programming language? (A) Values of local variables (B) Return… Read More
Let A be a finite set having x elements and let B be a finite set having y elements. What is the number of distinct… Read More
Consider a single linked list where F and L are pointers to the first and last elements respectively of the linked list. The time for… Read More
A frame buffer array is addressed in row major order for a monitor with pixel locations starting from (0,0) and ending with (100,100). What is… Read More
The following three ‘C’ language statements is equivalent to which single statement? y=y+1; z=x+y; x=x+1 (A) z = x + y + 2; (B) z… Read More
If the maximum output voltage of a DAC is V volts and if the resolution is R bits then the weight of the most significant… Read More
Consider a 50 kbps satellite channel with a 500 milliseconds round trip propagation delay. If the sender wants to transmit 1000 bit frames, how much… Read More

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