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For the distributions given below : Which of the following is correct for the above distributions ? (A) Standard deviation of A is significantly lower… Read More
If x + 2y = 30, then (2y/5 + x/3) + (x/5 + 2y/3) will be equal to (A) 8 (B) 16 (C) 18 (D)… Read More
Checksum field in TCP header is (A) ones complement of sum of header and data in bytes (B) ones complement of sum of header, data… Read More
What is the output of the code given below? #include <stdio.h> int main( )  {    char name[ ]=“satellites”;    int len;    int size;    len = strlen(name);… Read More
A given grammar is called ambiguous if (A) two or more productions have the same non-terminal on the left hand side (B) a derivation tree… Read More
Consider the following recursive C function that takes two arguments unsigned int rer (unsigned int n, unsigned int r) { if (n > 0) return… Read More
Remote Procedure Calls are used for (A) communication between two processes remotely different from each other on the same system. (B) communication between two processes… Read More
Properties of ‘DELETE’ and ‘TRUNCATE’ commands indicate that (A) After the execution of ‘TRUNCATE’ operation, COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements cannot be performed to retrieve the… Read More
How many total bits are required for a direct-mapped cache with 128 KB of data and 1 word block size, assuming a 32-bit address and… Read More
A magnetic disk has 100 cylinders, each with 10 tracks of 10 sectors. If each sector contains 128 Bytes, what is the maximum capacity of… Read More
Avalanche effect in cryptography refers (A) Large changes in cipher text when the keyword is changed minimally (B) Large changes in cipher text when the… Read More
In a columnar transposition cipher, the plain text is “the tomato is a plant in the night shade family”, keyword is “TOMATO”. The cipher text… Read More
Which of the following is an efficient method of cache updating ? (A) Snoopy writes (B) Write through (C) Write within (D) Buffered write Answer:… Read More
What is the output in a 32 bit machine with 32 bit compiler ? #include <stdio.h>    rer(int **ptr2, int **ptr1)  {   int* ii;   ii… Read More
What is the output of the following ‘c’ code assuming it runs on a byte addressed little endian machine? #include <stdio.h> int main( )  {… Read More

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