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Data is transmitted continuously at 2.048 Mbps rate for 10 hours and received 512 bits errors. What is the bit error rate? (A) 6.9 e-9… Read More
Consider a 32-bit machine where four-level paging scheme is used. If the hit ratio to TLB is 98%, and it takes 20 nanosecond to search… Read More
The hamming distance between the octets of 0xAA and 0x55 is (A) 7 (B) 5 (C) 8 (D) 6 Answer: (C) Explanation: The Hamming Distance… Read More
The output expression of the following gate network is (A) X. Y + X’ Y’ (B) X. Y + X. Y (C) X. Y (D)… Read More
Which RAID level gives block level striping with double distributed parity? (A) RAID 10 (B) RAID 2 (C) RAID 6 (D) RAID 5 Answer: (C)… Read More
The broadcast address for IP network with subnet mask is (A) (B) (C) (D) Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of… Read More
In Java, after executing the following code what are the values of x, y and z? int x,y=10; z=12; x=y++ + z++; (A) x=22, y=10,… Read More
Which variable does not drive a terminal string in grammar? S -> AB A -> a B -> b B -> C (A) A (B)… Read More
The search concept used in associative memory is (A) Parallel search (B) Sequential search (C) Binary search (D) Selection search Answer: (A) Explanation: Associative memory… Read More
If a microcomputer operates at 5 MHz with an 8-bit bus and a newer version operates at 20 MHz with a 32-bit bus, the maximum… Read More
Consider the following pseudocode: x:=1; i:=1; while (x ≤ 500) begin x:=2x ; i:=i+1; end What is the value of i at the end of… Read More
Two control signals in microprocessor which are related to Direct Memory Access (DMA) are (A) INTR & INTA (B) RD & WR (C) S0 &… Read More
A fast wide SCSI-II disk drive spins at 7200 RPM, has a sector size of 512 bytes, and holds 160 sectors per track. Estimate the… Read More
Find the memory address of the next instruction executed by the microprocessor (8086), when operated in real mode for CS=1000 and IP=E000 (A) 10E00 (B)… Read More
If A and B are square matrices with same order and A is symmetric, then BTAB (A) Skew symmetric (B) Symmetric (C) Orthogonal (D) Idempotent… Read More

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