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In UML diagram of a class (A) state of object cannot be represented (B) state is irrelevant (C) state is represented as an attribute (D)… Read More
A physical DFD specifies (A) what processes will be used (B) who generates data and who processes it (C) what each person in an organization… Read More
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When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the router look at? (A) Port (B)… Read More
IEEE 802.11 is standard for (A) Ethernet (B) Bluetooth (C) Broadband Wireless (D) Wireless LANs Answer: (D) Explanation: IEEE 802.11 refers to the set of… Read More
Range of IP Address from to are (A) Reserved for loopback (B) Reserved for broadcast (C) Used for multicast packets (D) Reserved for… Read More
An email contains a textual birthday greeting, a picture of a cake and a song. The order is not important. What is the content-type? (A)… Read More
Hashed message is signed by a sender using (A) his public key (B) his private key (C) receiver’s public key (D) receiver’s private key Answer:… Read More
The standard for certificates used on internet is (A) X.25 (B) X.301 (C) X.409 (D) X.509 Answer: (D) Explanation: In cryptography, X.509 is a standard… Read More
A rule in a limited entry decision table is a (A) row of the table consisting of condition entries (B) row of the table consisting… Read More
SSL is not responsible for (A) Mutual authentication of client & server (B) Secret communication (C) Data Integrity protection (D) Error detection and correction Answer:… Read More
To execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds is an example of (A) Black Box Testing (B) Alpha Testing (C) Recovery… Read More
Silly Window Syndrome is related to (A) Error during transmission (B) File transfer protocol (C) Degrade in TCP performance (D) Interface problem Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
Which of the following is not a UML DIAGRAM? (A) Use Case (B) Class Diagram (C) Analysis Diagram (D) Swimlane Diagram Answer: (C) Explanation: Use… Read More
Feedback queues (A) are very simple to implement (B) dispatch tasks according to execution characteristics (C) are used to favour real time tasks (D) require… Read More