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In a particular program, it is found that 1% of the code accounts for 50% of the execution time. To code a program in C++,… Read More
In cryptography, the following uses transposition ciphers and the keyword is LAYER. Encrypt the following message. (Spaces are omitted during encryption) WELCOME TO NETWORK SECURITY… Read More
Assuming that for a given network layer implementation, connection establishment overhead is 100 bytes and disconnection overhead is 28 bytes. What would be the minimum… Read More
Station A uses 32 byte packets to transmit messages to Station B using a sliding window protocol. The round trip delay between A and B… Read More
An array A consists of n integers in locations A[0], A[1] ….A[n-1]. It is required to shift the elements of the array cyclically to the… Read More
_______ can detect burst error of length less than or equal to degree of the polynomial and detects burst errors that affect odd number of… Read More
Which of the following comparisons between static and dynamic type checking is incorrect? (A) Dynamic type checking slows down the execution (B) Dynamic type checking… Read More
In the diagram above, the inverter (NOT gate) and the AND-gates labeled 1 and 2 have delays of 9, 10 and 12 nanoseconds(ns), respectively. Wire… Read More
If Tree-1 and Tree-2 are the trees indicated below : Which traversals of Tree-1 and Tree-2, respectively, will produce the same sequence? (A) Preorder, postorder… Read More
A doubly linked list is declared as struct Node { int Value; struct Node *Fwd; struct Node *Bwd; ); Where Fwd and Bwd represent forward… Read More
Processes P1 and P2 have a producer-consumer relationship, communicating by the use of a set of shared buffers. P1: repeat Obtain an empty buffer Fill… Read More
Of the following sorting algorithms, which has a running time that is least dependent on the initial ordering of the input? (A) Merge Sort (B)… Read More
Of the following, which best characterizes computers that use memory-mapped I/O? (A) The computer provides special instructions for manipulating I/O ports (B) I/O ports are… Read More
In E-R model, Y is the dominant entity and X is subordinate entity (A) If X is deleted, then Y is also deleted (B) If… Read More
Which of the following is dense index? (A) Primary index (B) Clusters index (C) Secondary index (D) Secondary non key index Answer: (C) Explanation: Dense… Read More

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