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My Interview was scheduled for the 19th of Mar 2021 at MCF ISRO, Bhopal. I reached there on the time. First, they checked all documents… Read More
Here, we have listed all these important solved year wise papers. We have tried to solve these paper with best and errorless explanations. We have… Read More
ISRO, an Indian Space Research Organization, was formed in 1969 and headquartered in Bangalore. ISRO is concerned with the Research and Development activities in the… Read More
In cryptography, the avalanche effect is a term associated with a specific behavior of mathematical functions used for encryption. Avalanche effect is considered as one… Read More
Consider a 2-dimensional array x with 10 rows and 4 columns, with each element storing a value equivalent to the product of row number and… Read More
Which one indicates a Technics of building cross compilers ? (A) Beta cross (B) Canadian cross (C) Mexican cross (D) X-cross Answer: (B) Explanation: The… Read More
A computer which issues instructions in order, has only 2 registers and 3 opcodes ADD, SUB and MOV. Consider 2 different implementations of the following… Read More
A stack organised computer is characterised by instructions with (A) indirect addressing (B) direct addressing (C) zero addressing (D) index addressing Answer: (C) Explanation: Stack… Read More
Which of the following is a type of a out-of-order execution, with the reordering done by a compiler (A) loop unrolling (B) dead code elimination… Read More
Minimum number of states required in DFA accepting binary strings not ending in “101” is (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 Answer: (B)… Read More
Which of the following classes of languages can validate an IPv4 address in dotted decimal format? It is to be ensured that the decimal values… Read More
The language which is generated by the grammar S → aSa|bSb|a|b over the alphabet {a, b} is the set of (A) Strings that begin and… Read More
Which of the following is true ? (A) Every subset of a regular set is regular (B) Every finite subset of non-regular set is regular… Read More
Context free languages are closed under (A) union, intersection (B) union, kleene closure (C) intersection, complement (D) complement, kleene closure Answer: (B) Explanation: CFLs are… Read More
A non-pipelined CPU has 12 general purpose registers (R0, R1, R2, ….. R12). Following operation are supported: ADD Ra, Rb, Rr Add Ra to Rb… Read More

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