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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics Questions

What is Fusion operation in Graph Theory? Let u and v be two distinct vertices in graph G. The fusion of the vertices u and… Read More
Numerical computations play an important role in solving real-life mathematical problems. Numerical methods are the procedures by applying arithmetic operations one can formulate mathematical problems… Read More
Problem-: Prove that ( I, + ) is an abelian group. i.e. The set of all integers I form an abelian group with respect to… Read More
Why is Math required for Deep Learning? Interested people who have the thirst to learn more about the concept behind a deep learning algorithm need… Read More
Interpolation refers to the process of creating new data points given within the given set of data. The below code computes the desired data point… Read More
Prerequisite: Graph Theory Basics – Set 1, Set 2 Regular Graph: A graph is called regular graph if degree of each vertex is equal. A… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to find a number which contains (N – 1) set bits in its binary form at every… Read More
Prerequisite – Mathematics | System of Linear Equations Let A be a matrix. Since, number of non-zero rows in the row reduced form of a… Read More
The poisson process is one of the most important and widely used processes in probability theory. It is widely used to model random points in… Read More
Vieta’s formula relates the coefficients of polynomial to the sum and product of their roots, as well as the products of the roots taken in… Read More
Negation of the proposition is: (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz of this Question My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save
Given a standard football, regular hexagons and pentagons are drawn on it as shown in the picture. Find out the number of hexagons and pentagons.… Read More

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