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Category Archives: Digital Logic

A clipper in electronics is a circuit created to stop a signal from going over a specific reference voltage level. The remaining portion of the… Read More
A two-terminal electrical device with its voltage-current relationship as its only distinguishing feature is represented mathematically as an idealized circuit element. Although ideal circuit elements… Read More
Digital electronics is the study of electronic circuits that are used to process digital signals. In this article, we will focus on the HDL model… Read More
An open-collector logic gate is a digital logic gate with an output terminal that can be disconnected from its power supply. The open-collector output is… Read More
The logic gates are the basic building blocks of all digital circuits and computers. These logic gates are implemented using transistors called MOSFETs. A MOSFET… Read More
This article will provide an overview of digital electronics and the configuration logic block. It will cover the basics of digital circuits and how they… Read More
The IBOC signals are still in the same frequencies used by AM, FM, and HD Radio stations today. They operate on different channels than analog… Read More
ECL (emitter-coupled logic) is a high-speed integrated circuit bipolar transistor logic family in electronics. To avoid operating in the saturated (completely on) zone and its… Read More
Wired logic is a type of digital logic where some logic operations are carried out by directly coupling the outputs of a single or several… Read More
NAND and NOR gates are universal logic gates, which means any Boolean expression can be implemented without using any other gate. Using only NOR gates… Read More
Real numbers have a fractional component. This article explains the real number representation method using fixed points. In digital signal processing (DSP) and gaming applications,… Read More
The concept of a hardware description language as a medium for design capture was first introduced in the1950s, but wide adoption by the design community… Read More
A universal gate is such a gate that we can implement any Boolean function, no matter how complex, using a circuit that consists of only… Read More
The Counter-Type Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) starts conversion right from the start for each input value. This means the counter has to count from all 0s… Read More
Gate is used to transfer performance control across all segments. The level of rights assessment is done differently depending on the type of site and… Read More

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