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Category Archives: Digital Logic

In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and other types of computing. These devices… Read More
A multiplexer is a digital combinational circuit that selects one out of several input lines and directs it to a single output line, hence often… Read More
A logic gate is a simple switching circuit that determines whether an input pulse can pass through to the output in digital circuits. The building… Read More
Full Adder is a combinatorial circuit that computes the sum and carries out two input bits and an input carry. So it has three inputs… Read More
Functional Hazards occur when more than one input variable is manipulated at a time. They are non-solvable hazards and is impossible to eliminate them using… Read More
Prerequisite: What is Z-transform?  A z-Transform is important for analyzing discrete signals and systems. In this article, we will see the properties of z-Transforms. These… Read More
Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) are typically used in all modern-day systems. The main job of the ADC is to convert the analog signal to a digital… Read More
The task is to copy the data from some source block to some destination block given that the destination block has an overlapping memory address… Read More
To proceed with Verilog Code, we shall first understand the structure of the 4-bit Ripple Counter. The top design block consists of four T-Flip Flop.… Read More
In this article, we will implement the 2:4 Decoder using all levels of abstraction in Verilog HDL with a step-by-step procedure. Before proceeding to code… Read More
When the output changes more than once as a consequence of a single change in its input, which is referred to as “dynamic risk.” The… Read More
The term “two-level logic” refers to a logic design that uses no more than two logic gates between input and output. This does not mean… Read More
A microcontroller is a self-contained desktop that can be utilized in an embedded system. A few microcontrollers may run at clock rate rates and use… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss Axioms of Boolean Algebra; these axioms/Theorems are important as these will be used in many different topics… Read More

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