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Category Archives: DIgital Logic & Design

A signed integer is an integer with a positive ‘+’ or negative sign ‘-‘ associated with it. Since the computer only understands binary, it is… Read More
Logisim is a very powerful tool that is used to design and simulate digital logic circuits. Digital logic circuits are the electronic circuits that are… Read More
Introduction : In digital systems, the binary information is divided into data and control information. Data information is manipulated by various operations like arithmetic, shift,… Read More
In the digital system, logic gates are the basic building blocks.  In these logic gates, we can find the gates having more than one input,… Read More
ROM is a read-only memory which is used to store the data. The memory in the ROM is organized as a two-dimensional array of memory… Read More
Prerequisite – Complement of a Number The use of complements is to mainly perform Subtraction. We can easily perform addition in contrast if we would… Read More
Near Field Communication : The term NFC is the short type of Near Field Communication. As the name proposes it is utilized for short-distance information… Read More
Embedded System has become a vital piece of living souls however they are intended to work with insignificant or no human impedance. Viewpoints like minimal… Read More
In Synchronous circuits where all the logic elements share the same clock signal, it becomes imperative to design these elements as close to the clock… Read More

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