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Category Archives: Theory of Computation

Both computabilities, as well as decidability, tells us about the existence of an algorithm for a particular problem or function, while solving a particular problem… Read More
A Pushdown Automata (PDA) is a way to implement context-free Grammer in a similar way. We design Finite Automata for Regular Grammar. It is more… Read More
As the regular expressions can be constructed from Finite Automata using the State Elimination Method, the reverse method, state decomposition method can be used to… Read More
Prerequisite: Designing Finite Automata DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata or Acceptor) is a finite state machine that accepts or rejects strings of symbols. DFA accepts the… Read More
Prerequisites: Introduction of Pushdown Automata Construct Pushdown Automata for given languages Problem– Construct PDA for the language L = {anba2n | n ≥ 0}.  This… Read More
Prerequisite – Turing Machine Turing Machines can broadly be classified into two types, the Acceptors and the Transducers. Acceptor Turing Machine is an automaton used… Read More
Overview :Computer Science is the science of computers how computers work and do computations. Laptops, desktops, quantum computers, microprocessors, etc. are all the physical aspects… Read More
We know about Decidable, Semi-decidable, and Undecidable problems and in this article, we will briefly define these problems and provide the most commonly asked questions… Read More
In Automata theory, Finite Automata can be classified into three types- DFA NFA ∈-NFA ∈ means an empty input. That means the automaton can change… Read More
Finite Automata can be classified into three types-  DFA NFA ∈-NFA. The only difference between ∈-NFA and NFA is that ∈-NFA has a different transition… Read More
Epsilon NFA is a part of Finite Automata. ∈ is a symbol that represents empty inputs. ∈-NFA is the representation that allows an automaton to… Read More
∈-NFA is a part of Finite Automata. ∈ is a symbol that represents empty inputs. ∈-NFA is the representation that allows an automaton to change… Read More
Broad Overview : Complexity theory, in a nutshell, a complexity word is a quite fancy word, literally, it sounds complex, but it is not an… Read More
State Elimination Method : Rules to convert a DFA/NFA//Ɛ-NFA into corresponding Regular Expression. Arden’s Method is not capable of converting Ɛ-NFA. By state elimination method… Read More
These questions for practice purpose of GATE CS Exam. Ques-1: Consider the following statements: X: For any language either a language L or its compliment… Read More

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