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Consider the following sets, where n≥2: S1: Set of all n×n matrices with entries from the set {a,b,c} S2: Set of all functions from the… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program. #include < stdio.h > int main( ) { int arr[4][5]; int i, j; for (i=0; i
Let L⊆{0,1}∗ be an arbitrary regular language accepted by a minimal DFA with k states. Which one of the following languages must necessarily be accepted… Read More
What is the worst-case number of arithmetic operations performed by recursive binary search on a sorted array of size n? (A) Θ(√n) (B) Θ(log2(n)) (C)… Read More
Consider the three-way handshake mechanism followed during TCP connection establishment between hosts P and Q. Let X and Y be two random 32-bit starting sequence… Read More
Consider the following statements S1 and S2 about the relational data model: S1: A relation scheme can have at most one foreign key. S2: A… Read More
Which one of the following circuits implements the Boolean function given below? f(x,y,z) = m0 + m1 + m3 + m4 + m5 + m6… Read More
The format of the single-precision floating point representation of a real number as per the IEEE 754 standard is as follows: Which one of the… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program: int main () { Integer x; return 0; } Which one of the following phases in a seven-phase C… Read More
Let H be a binary min-heap consisting of n elements implemented as an array. What is the worst case time complexity of an optimal algorithm… Read More
Let G be a connected undirected weighted graph. Consider the following two statements. S1: There exists a minimum weight edge in G which is present… Read More
Six students P, Q, R, S, T and U, with distinct heights, compare their heights and make the following observations. Observation I: S is taller… Read More
The number of units of a product sold in three different years and the respective net profits are presented in the figure above. The cost/unit… Read More
The number of students in three classes is in the ratio 3:13:6. If 18 students are added to each class, the ratio changes to 15:35:21.… Read More
A jigsaw puzzle has 2 pieces. One of the pieces is shown above. Which one of the given options for the missing piece when assembled… Read More

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