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For two n-dimensional real vectors P and Q, the operation s(P,Q) is defined as follows: Let L be a set of 10-dimensional non-zero real vectors… Read More
​​​​​​Consider the following two statements about regular languages: S1: Every infinite regular language contains an undecidable language as a subset. S2: Every finite language is… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program: #include < stdio.h > #include < stdlib.h > struct Node{ int value; struct Node *next;}; int main( ) {… Read More
Consider the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) based error detecting scheme having the generator polynomial X3+X+1. Suppose the message m4m3m2m1m0 = 11000 is to be transmitted.… Read More
A bag has r red balls and b black balls. All balls are identical except for their colours. In a trial, a ball is randomly… Read More
Let S be the following schedule of operations of three transactions T1, T2 and T3 in a relational database system: R2(Y),R1(X),R3(Z),R1(Y)W1(X),R2(Z),W2(Y),R3(X),W3(Z) Consider the statements P… Read More
The relation scheme given below is used to store information about the employees of a company, where empId is the key and deptId indicates the… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C code segment:  z=x + 3 + y->f1 + y->f2; for (i = 0; i < 200; i = i + 2) { if… Read More
In an examination, a student can choose the order in which two questions (QuesA and QuesB) must be attempted. If the first question is answered… Read More
Suppose we want to design a synchronous circuit that processes a string of 0’s and 1’s. Given a string, it produces another string by replacing… Read More
Assume a two-level inclusive cache hierarchy, L1 and L2, where L2 is the larger of the two. Consider the following statements. S1: Read misses in… Read More
Consider the string abbccddeee. Each letter in the string must be assigned a binary code satisfying the following properties: For any two letters, the code… Read More
Suppose that f : R→R is a continuous function on the interval [−3,3] and a differentiable function in the interval (−3,3) such that for every… Read More
Suppose that P is a 4×5 matrix such that every solution of the equation Px=0 is a scalar multiple of [2 5 4 3 1]T.… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C function: int SomeFunction (int x, int y) { if ((x==1) || (y==1)) return 1; if (x==y) return x; if (x… Read More