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Compaction is a technique to collect all the free memory present in form of fragments into one large chunk of free memory, which can be… Read More
In a directed acyclic graph with a source vertex s, the quality-score of a directed path is defined to be the product of the weights… Read More
Consider a network using the pure ALOHA medium access control protocol, where each frame is of length 1,000 bits. The channel transmission rate is 1… Read More
Consider a pipelined processor with 5 stages, Instruction Fetch(IF), Instruction Decode(ID), Execute (EX), Memory Access (MEM), and Write Back (WB). Each stage of the pipeline,… Read More
Consider a Boolean function f(w,x,y,z) such that f(w,0,0,z) = 1 f(1,x,1,z) = x+z f(w,1,y,z) = wz+y The number of literals in the minimal sum-of-products expression… Read More
Consider the following augmented grammar with {#,@,,a,b,c} as the set of terminals. S′ → S S → S#cS S → SS S → S@ S… Read More
Let S be a set of consisting of 10 elements. The number of tuples of the form (A,B) such that A and B are subsets… Read More
Consider the following ANSI C program #include int foo(int x, int y, int q) { if ((x
Consider a three-level page table to translate a 39-bit virtual address to a physical address as shown below: The page size is 4 KB =… Read More
Which of the following regular expressions represent(s) the set of all binary numbers that are divisible by three? Assume that the string ϵ is divisible… Read More
Consider the following directed graph: Which of the following is/are correct about the graph? (A) The graph does not have a topological order (B) A… Read More
Consider a computer network using the distance vector routing algorithm in its network layer. The partial topology of the network is shown below. The objective… Read More
If the numerical value of a 2-byte unsigned integer on a little endian computer is 255 more than that on a big endian computer, which… Read More
Consider a computer system with multiple shared resource types, with one instance per resource type. Each instance can be owned by only one process at… Read More
Consider the following multi-threaded code segment (in a mix of C and pseudo-code), invoked by two processes P1 and P2, and each of the processes… Read More

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