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Category Archives: Computer Organization and Architecture

1. Cache coherence :Cache coherence in computer architecture refers to the consistency of shared resource data that is stored in multiple local caches. When clients… Read More
Overview : The 8086 microprocessor operates in minimum mode when MN/MX’ = 1. In minimum mode,8086 is the only processor in the system which provides… Read More
8086 microprocessor characteristics:  It contains 20 bit address bus. It contains 16-bit data bus, therefore 8086 is called as 16-bit microprocessor. It is 2-stage pipelined… Read More
What is 4 Bit Binary Incrementer ?It adds 1 binary value to the existing binary value stored in the register or in other words we… Read More
When we look inside today’s classical computers, we see a string of 0s and 1s being manipulated to produce calculations and results. Be it streaming… Read More
Prerequisite – Graphics Card Most computers have a few cards that are viable with one another. They can come in different kinds, like, PCI, AGP,… Read More
68000 processor was introduced in 1979. Through 1980’s and early 1990’s the 68000, 68020, 68030 and 68040 were targeted for personal computer’s market and were… Read More
The most essential component of a computer is the Central Processing Unit. It is popularly known as CPU. It is used to process instructions. The… Read More
Prerequisite – Multilevel Cache Organization The execution time of a program is the product of the total number of CPU cycles needed to execute a… Read More
Seven segments LED display : A seven-segment LED is a kind of LED(Light Emitting Diode) consisting of 7 small LEDs it usually comes with the… Read More
Computers are made of three primary blocs. A CPU, a memory, and an I/O system. The performance of a computer system is very much dependent… Read More
North Bridge is bridge that manages communication between Central Processing Unit (CPU) and parts of motherboard. After CPU, North Bridge chip is essentially main component… Read More
Hard Disk : The hard plate is the principle stockpiling gadget in your PC. It is somewhat similar to a file organizer : Entirety of… Read More
Laser printers is an output device which uses electrostatic digital printing process to produce high quality of graphics and texts. Working of a laser printer… Read More
Then again referenced as a floppy or diskette a floppy diskette might be such a capacity media equipped for putting away electronic information kind of… Read More

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