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Category Archives: Algorithms Quiz

Maximum height of AVL tree with n nodes is closest to ? (A) log(n) (B) Catalan number (C) 1.44 * log(n) (D) log(n) + 1… Read More
Which node is at 6th position in level order traversal of a BST which is constructed using below keys in given order. Keys : 15,… Read More
What is the corresponding time complexity for different operations like insert at head, insert at tail, delete tail, searching for an element on circular doubly… Read More
Default collision handling in hashing with chaining is done through singly linked lists. Which data structure can be used to improve the default collision handling… Read More
A card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability of getting a jack of spade or a queen… Read More
There are m multiples of 6 in range [0, 100] and n multiples of 6 in [-6, 35]. Find out the value of X, if… Read More
A is running @ 20 m / s on a circular track of 400 m and B is running on the same track @ 16… Read More
Given below is a C++ function to evaluate a postfix expression represented as a string. The below code contains proper comments and some statements are… Read More
What will be the output of below C++ Program? class Gfg { public:     int main(int s)     {         cout << s << ", ";         return 0;… Read More
Which of the below statements are false about static member functions? Static member functions can have this pointer. Static member functions cannot be virtual. Static… Read More
Consider the below C program: int main() {     fork();     fork();     fork();            printf("Hello World"); } How many child processes will be created when the above… Read More
Find the missing numbers in the series: 4, 6, 8, 9, _, 12, 14, 15, _, 18. . . . (A) 11 and 17 respectively.… Read More
Five full-time employees and 6 interns work 12 hours a day and finish a task in 20 days. 8 full-time employees and 18 interns work… Read More
What does the below function do in general? void fun(Queue *Q) {     Stack S; // Say it creates an empty stack S        // Run… Read More
Which of the following permutation can be obtained in the same order using a stack assuming that input is the sequence 3, 4, 2, 1,… Read More

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