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Category Archives: Algorithms Quiz

What will be the output of following code : #include <iostream> using namespace std;    #define x 5/2.0 #define y 3/2.0       // Function… Read More
Which testing technique is used to check if critical functionalities of the program is working fine? (A) Monkey Testing (B) Gorilla Testing (C) Smoke Testing… Read More
Below is the code for sum product of two arrays, with some errors (which may lead to wrong output) in some statement. Choose the correct… Read More
What is the time complexity of below code? // CPP program to find the maximum value // of i*arr[i] #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std;     int… Read More
Below is the code to find maximum subarray sum, with errors (which may results to wrong output) in the statement which is commented on right… Read More
Below is the incomplete code for printing Fibonacci sequence. Which statement could be inserted at "code to be inserted" statement, such that code will run… Read More
Which of the following standard algorithms is not Dynamic Programming based? (A) Bellman Ford Algorithm for single source shortest path (B) Floyd Warshall Algorithm for… Read More
A and B started running on a circular track (in the same direction) of 300 m with speed 2 m / s and 3 m… Read More
A convoy of 40 cars occupy a parking containing 6 rows of parking space where every row contain 10 parking. If parking takes place randomly… Read More
A task is assigned to Ram and Shyam both but Ram was on leave for starting 5 days. After that both finished the same work… Read More
What is the highest power of 3 in 99! ? (A) 45 (B) 46 (C) 47 (D) 48 Answer: (D) Explanation: Floor(99 / 3) =… Read More
A draining pipe takes half an hour to completely drain a tank when used alone. When it is used together with a filling pipe it… Read More
Which testing technique is used to test the robustness of the system by performing the test repetitively? (A) Integration Testing (B) Unit Testing (C) Gorilla… Read More
What should you strive for with reference to cohesion and coupling while designing software? (A) High Coupling with High Cohesion (B) Low coupling with Low… Read More
What are the inorder successors of 8, 10 and 14? (A) 10, 12, 20 (B) 10, 14, 22 (C) 12, 12, 20 (D) 20, 12,… Read More

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