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Category Archives: Algorithms Quiz

Find the missing number in the given series: 3 , 21, 126, 630, 2520, 7560, 15120, _____, 0. (A) 15120 (B) 0 (C) 1 (D)… Read More
A coin is tossed to the height h, what is the probability of getting a head at height h/2? (A) 1/(1+(h/2)) (B) (h/2)/(h*h) (C) (2/h)… Read More
What is the output of following code? #include <stdio.h>       int main()       {              const int x;              x = 10;              printf("%d", x);                  return 0;        } (A)… Read More
Consider the procedure below for the Producer-Consumer problem which uses Semaphores and choose the correct statement: semaphore n = 0; semaphore s = 1;   … Read More
Given following three values, What is the total number of maximum chocolates you can eat ? Total Money you have to buy chocolates = 50… Read More
Time Complexity to find smallest element in Binary Max Heap? (A) O(logN) (B) O(N) (C) O(N * logN) (D) O(1) Answer: (B) Explanation: In a… Read More
A bipartite graph may contain nodes with self loops. (A) True (B) False Answer: (B) Explanation: Refer : of this Question My Personal Notes… Read More
A student started studying Competitive programming from his senior and will study for 7 days. What is the minimum number of cuts he can have… Read More
Given above is the directed graph representing nodes and edges. Chose the correct option for nodes after topological sorting? (A) 5 4 2 3 1… Read More
What is the output of following code : #include <iostream> using namespace std;     int main() {     try  {        throw 10;     }     catch (char *excp) … Read More
Which of the following protocol uses 3-way handshake technique? (A) TCP (B) IGMP (C) SMTP (D) UDP Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment… Read More
In software engineering, which testing technique is in general performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular… Read More
Which of the following testing technique follows the concept of Abstraction? (A) White Box Testing (B) Black Box Testing (C) Alpha Testing (D) Coal Testing… Read More
Can struct be inherited in C++ 14 ? (A) Yes (B) No (C) Depends (D) None of these Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease… Read More
Which of the following are the steps of waterfall model in order? (A) Planning, Communication, Modeling, Construction, Deployment (B) Communication, Planning, Modeling, Construction, Deployment (C)… Read More

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