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Category Archives: Algorithms Quiz

which one is the highest multiple of 5, 7 and 11? (A) 5,005 (B) 6,545 (C) 8,855 (D) 10,395 Answer: (D) Explanation: All are multiple… Read More
In a contest, A‘s winning chances are twice of B‘s chances and B‘s chances are twice of C‘s chances. Then find-out the B‘s winning Probability.… Read More
What will be the time complexity for finding all the primes smaller than N using Sieve method? (A) O(sqrt(N) LogLog(N)) (B) O(N * LogLog(N)) (C)… Read More
Which of the statement in following code will work without errors? int main() {            int n, m = 5;     cin >> n;            //… Read More
In a complete k-ary tree, every internal node has exactly k children. The number of leaves in such a tree with n internal nodes is:… Read More
Which testing is used to assess the quality of the test cases which should be robust enough to fail fault code? (A) Mutation Testing (B)… Read More
Which of the following is TRUE? (A) Every relation in 3NF is also in BCNF (B) A relation R is in 3NF if every non-prime… Read More
What will be the output of following code? int main() {            int n = 5;            while(n-- > 0);         cout << n << "… Read More
What is the name given to the stack frame for function call? (A) Recursion Tree (B) Call Stack (C) Activation Record (D) None of the… Read More
Which layer in OSI model works as the data translator? (A) Application Layer (B) Session Layer (C) Presentation Layer (D) Network Layer Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
What will be the range of a 5 byte signed integer? (A) -549755813888 to 549755813887 (B) -1099511627776 to 1099511627775 (C) -549755813887 to 549755813888 (D) -549755813886… Read More
Which of the following class cannot be inherited? (A) Sealed Class (B) Private class (C) Both of the above (D) None of the above Answer:… Read More
How many odd factors are there for 1800? (A) 36 (B) 12 (C) 9 (D) 6 Answer: (C) Explanation: 1800 = 2^3 * 3^2 *… Read More
In a programming contest 7 basic problem is equivalent to 5 medium problem, 4 medium problem is equivalent to 3 tough problem and 1 expertise… Read More
How many trailing zeros in 25! (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 Answer: (D) Explanation: 5 * 2 = 10 All 5 *… Read More

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