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Category Archives: Algorithms Quiz

What is the minimum number of queues needed to implement a stack? We are not allowed to use any other data structure and also not… Read More
What will be the equivalent postfix expression of the given infix expression: Infix Expression: a+b*(c/d-e/f)/(g^h)-i (A) abcd / ef / – * gh ^ /… Read More
Here are the two concurrent process A, B with respective codes: Code A: while (true) // infinite condition { M :____; printf("%c", b); printf("%c", b);… Read More
Find the missing term in the below sequence: 1, 1, 4, 25, 196, __ , 17424 (A) 1561 (B) 1764 (C) 1600 (D) None of… Read More
How many numbers of 6 digits are possible with the property that the sum of their digits is 5? (A) 96 (B) 104 (C) 120… Read More
A can finish an IT project in 15 days, B can finish the same project in 12 days. In how many days, both of them… Read More
What is the output of below C program? #include <stdio.h>    void print(int c){            if (c < 0) {         return;     }            printf("%d ",… Read More
Below are some operators separated by comma in C++. Which of these operators cannot be overloaded? !, ::, ->*, ~, .*, sizeof, new (A) ->*,… Read More
Which statement is true about initializing a variable to a default value (i.e. integer to 0, boolean to false) using the default constructor? (A) It… Read More
The Postorder traversal of a Binary Search Tree is {35, 30, 45, 40, 70, 85, 90, 80, 50}. What is its Preorder traversal? (A) 50,… Read More
How many times is the below loop executed? for(int i=0; i < n; i++) {    for(int j=0; j < (2*i); j+=(i/2))    {    cout<<"Hello Geeks";    }… Read More
When and where RARP is used intentionally or effectively? (A) At the time of network booting where no space to store IP address (or diskless… Read More
Consider the relation R (ABCDE): FD = { A → B, B → C, C → D, D → E} Find out the highest normal… Read More
Here are the two concurrent process P1, P2 with respective codes: P1 code: while (true) // infinite condition { A :____; printf("%d", 1); printf("%d", 1);… Read More
Find the inorder and postorder of the binary tree with the given preorder: 60, 40, 20, 10, 30, 33, 50, 44, 51, 90, 70, 65,… Read More

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