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Category Archives: Aptitude

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The directive which is responsible for adding or removing the element in HTML is: (A) ng-switch (B) ng-model (C) ng-Disabled (D) ng-Cloak Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
JQLite is used for ? (A) Built-in subset of jQuery (B) Built-in superset of jQuery (C) KnockoutJS built-in subset of jQuery (D) KnockoutJS built-in superset… Read More
The angular modules are used for the____ (A) Destroys an application module (B) Creates an application module (C) Invokes an application module (D) None Answer:… Read More
In AngularJs the controller which takes only one parameter is called ______ (A) $param (B) $control (C) $scope (D) $scont Answer: (C) Explanation: The $scope… Read More
Which of the following type of components in AngularJs is used to create a custom directive ? (A) Element directives (B) Attribute (C) CSS (D)… Read More
Which of the following is a way to push one HTML content into another HTML content? (A) Server Side push (B) Use of Comment (C)… Read More
The component which is used for adding the dependency in AngularJS application are: (A) Value (B) Factory (C) Constant (D) Application Module Answer: (D) Explanation:… Read More
Which of the below templates is used for writing the AngularJs directive ? (A) Tag (B) Attribute (C) Class name (D) All of the above… Read More
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Which of the following is the way, used to manually start the application in Angular ? (A) angular. bootstrap (B) angular.element (C) angular. copy (D)… Read More
Which of the following is a way for applying expression in AngularJS application ? (A) (expression) (B) {{expression}} (C) {({expression})} (D) [expression] Answer: (B) Explanation:… Read More