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Java is a fascinating programming language that provides its users with a plethora of features like OOP, platform independence, simplicity, GUI based programming, etc. One… Read More
Problem Statement: Write a menu-driven program for using switch-case with following features: Store Contact numbers of people Search for the Contact numbers using their names… Read More
Since humans have started educating themselves of the surrounding world, painting has remained the salient way of expressing emotions and understanding. For example, the image… Read More
A Kalman Filter is an optimal estimation algorithm. It can help us predict/estimate the position of an object when we are in a state of… Read More
Prerequisite: Switch-case in C/C++ Problem Statement:Write a menu-driven program to control your system such as shutdown, restart, log off, manual shutdown settings, abort the shutdown,… Read More
A Simple Guess the number application in which application generates the random number between 1 to 100 and the user has to guess that Number.… Read More
In this tutorial you will learn about detecting a blink of human eye with the feature mappers knows as haar cascades. Here in the project,… Read More
In this article, we are going to learn how we can automate the Notepad application using Uipath Studio. This project is a basic application of… Read More
Python scripting is one of the most intriguing and fascinating things to do meanwhile learning Python. Automation and controlling the browser is one of them.… Read More
Hashing is a technique that uses fewer key comparisons and searches the element in O(n) time in the worst case and in O(1) time in… Read More
An algorithm like Insertion Sort can be understood easily by visualizing. In this article, a program that visualizes the Insertion Sort Algorithm has been implemented. The… Read More
Given the data for Hotel management and User:Hotel Data:  Hotel Name Room Available Location Rating Price per Room H1 4 Bangalore 5 100 H2 5… Read More
If you work with deep learning, you probably have faced a situation where your model takes too long to learn, and you have to keep… Read More
An algorithm like Quicksort algorithm is hard to understand theoretically. We can understand easily by visualizing such kind of algorithms. In this article, a program… Read More
Prerequisites: Java SwingWrite a program to build a GUI application which provides the details of the college student, about his course and the fees that… Read More

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