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Introduction: Are you a student? Unable to find the best e-learning resources online? Unable to track your learning progress? Did this pandemic affect your learning… Read More
Project Title : Sehath Introduction :  Domain: Healthcare Purpose: Sehath is meant to be a web app that provides people with the help of finding… Read More
Android provides us a feature with which we can store users’ data inside their mobile itself with different storage options such as Shared Preferences, SQLite… Read More
In this article, the task is to create a 2- player cricket game where Player 1 is the user operating the program and Player 2… Read More
In this article, we will see how we can create a rock paper and scissor game using Tkinter. Rock paper scissor is a hand game… Read More
What is Pose Estimation? Pose estimation is a computer vision technique that is used to predict the configuration of the body(POSE) from an image. The… Read More
A key concept often introduced to those pursuing electronics engineering is Linear Convolution. This is a crucial component of Digital Signal Processing and Signals and… Read More
This is a web app made using Python and Flask Framework. It has a registration system and a dashboard. Users can enter keywords to retrieve… Read More
Normally, a lot of businesses are remained as failures due to lack of profit, lack of proper improvement measures. Mostly, restaurant owners face a lot… Read More
Since the dawn of the IPL in 2008, it has attracted viewers all around the globe. A high level of uncertainty and last moment nail… Read More
In this article, we are going to create a task management software in Python. This software is going to be very useful for those who… Read More
This project deals with developing a Virtual website ‘E-commerce Website’. It provides the user with a list of the various products available for purchase in… Read More
Project Title:  Algorithmic Trading Bot Introduction :  Algorithmic trading uses algorithms that follow a trend and define a set of instructions to perform a trade.… Read More
Project title: Object Detection and Tracking Introduction: A lot of people go to supermarkets and retail stores and shops to idle around and window-shop instead… Read More
The program aims at controlling the pollution in a given area by suggesting the number of trees and the areas where they should be planted.… Read More

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