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OVERVIEW Green Rides is a technical solution for general public to guide them to a less polluted path while they traveling home back in vehicles, jogging,… Read More
INTRODUCTION: Brief presentation of the project (MUST SEE before reading further) The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which surrounding objects are connected through… Read More
Project Title: Tracking quality of health services and medical outcome of the clinic visits to encourage health seeking behavior among the underprivileged. Domain: Android Application… Read More
Project Name – noteSort Project Description – An app that will classify the images of handwritten class notes according to different subjects so that they… Read More
PROJECT TITLE : Aadhaar Thumb: A Platform to all Services OBJECTIVE: The main objective of this project is to bring all governmental services to an… Read More
Project Title: Voice based Email service for visually challenged people We have seen that the inception of Internet has dramatically revolutionized many fields. Internet has… Read More
Project Title : Get Your Logo Introduction:The idea is to make a website where one can get the logo for their official/personal/commercial use just by… Read More
Project Idea: Complete user’s Activities tracking with Remote Assistance This Program is divided into two major modules one is for complete activity tracking and can… Read More
VR/AR Based Autonomous transportation robot for indoor as well as outdoor travel & Navigation using Google Project Tango Project Title : Assist Bot Abstract :… Read More
Project Title : Health Application powered by IBM Watson Submitted By : Animesh Tewari Introduction: The Application will diagnose the users, by taking the symptoms… Read More
Social-Cop – A mobile based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Problem: More people die on Indian roads every day… Read More
Introduction: MediTrack will be a Web app as well as an Android app to help people with their medicine and doctors’ routine. It will store… Read More
Project Title : CAPTURED  Overview: An android app which uses modern AI techniques to solve the one of the major security issue “THEFT” in India. Yes… Read More
Project Title : Amanda: A Smart Enquiry Chatbot  Introduction: The concept of chatbots has not been a new in this technological growing society. Our project… Read More
LinkBook aims to provide users a platform to store, manage, share and discover web URLs. Motivation Facebook is one way to share links with one’s… Read More

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