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Project Title: safeT Introduction: SafeT is a safety application on the coveted Android platform. It is used by a person who may become a prospective… Read More
Project Title: LYV – Liberate Yourself Vault One Line Introduction: LYV provides user a secure vault to store private data and disseminate it based on… Read More
Project Title: Home of Things – An android app dedicated to the society. Introduction: An Android application which allows the user to read news regarding… Read More
Practice touch typing and compete with your friends all from the comfort of your shell and become a typing ninja Features: Practice mode (offline mode)… Read More
Project Title: Text Summarizer Introduction: Today we know that machines have become smarter than us and can help us with every aspect of life, the… Read More
Project Title: ArticleArea Introduction and Purpose: ArticleArea is an attempt to provide a platform to share and manage news articles online. Right now, there is… Read More
Project Title: Automatic Unmanned Railway Barrier Introduction: The railway system is the most commonly used transportation mode in India. It is also one of those… Read More
Project Title: Smart Waste Management System Introduction: One of the essential components of a smart city is a Clean and Green Environment and the crux… Read More
Project Title: Domain term detection and Hierarchical concept creation Introduction: Domain Term Detection and Hierarchical Concept Creation in which given set of documents, main aims… Read More
Project Title: CafeWifi Introduction CafeWifi system is an attempt to automate the WiFi access to only customers of the cafe. In today’s times, cafes have… Read More
Project Title: Slotify Introduction: This Project is similar to Spotify, A music website. In this, you can create your own playlist, upload and download any… Read More
Project Title: Study Helper Background: All of us know that the last preparation of the exam is the “Revision”.Without revision preparation is incomplete. So what… Read More
Project Title: Technical Wizard – A Quiz Application  Introduction:- India has a large number of Engineering Colleges, and almost all of them have Computer Science… Read More
Project Title: Real Time Vehicle Tracking Introduction: This project aims to solve the problem of tracking and accountability of vehicles by providing a software platform.… Read More
Project Title: Road Accident Safety System Introduction: In India there are many deaths approximately more than 150000 deaths due to road accidents and this rate… Read More