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Project Title: MySlam Introduction: MySlam is a digital slambook. It is a way to know more about people like what they like, what they dislike,… Read More
Project Title: Info-Chain  Introduction:- It’s a project of sharing the information i.e. while studying, the student stuck in any query then they GOOGLE that query… Read More
Project Title: Properkodo Introduction: Users have to mention their usernames for different websites separately in their resume and it becomes a difficult task for recruiters… Read More
Project Title: FarmAhead Introduction: Agriculture and technology, two extremes of sustainable development in their element. Farmhead is a combination of these focus in making as… Read More
Project Title: Social – Cop Introduction: Purpose:- A mobile-based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Every day we face many… Read More
Project Title: Face identification in a video sequence. Introduction: This project is related to face recognition and identification area. We have to search for a… Read More
Project Title : Traffic Signal Control (Automatic) Using Machine Learning and IoT Introduction: In India Traffic has become a huge problem, in order to control… Read More
Project Title: Songs Recommendation System in Android Introduction: We all know that in today’s era internet is expanding very much and as a result, the… Read More
Prerequisite : Tkinter Introduction, lambda function  Python offers multiple options for developing a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Out of all the GUI methods, Tkinter is… Read More
Prerequisites: Tkinter Introduction, openpyxl module.Python provides the Tkinter toolkit to develop GUI applications. Now, it’s upto the imagination or necessity of developer, what he/she want… Read More
Prerequisite : Basics of TkinterPython offers multiple options for developing GUI (Graphical User Interface). Out of all the GUI methods, tkinter is most commonly used… Read More
Prerequisite : Python GUI Tkinter TKinter is widely used for developing GUI applications. Along with applications, we can also use Tkinter GUI to develop games.… Read More
Introduction One of the underlying targets of movies is to evoke emotions in their viewers. IMDb offers all the movies for all genre. Therefore the… Read More
Let’s see how to create a simple notepad in Python using Tkinter. This notepad GUI will consist of various menu like file and edit, using… Read More
Given GPS co-ordinates(in degrees) of a person who needs a cab and co-ordinates of all the cabs in the city stored in a text file… Read More

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