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In this article, we are going to learn how to build a simple form GUI using CustomTkinter in Python. CustomTkinter: It is an extension of… Read More
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This article will help you build a web application in Flask that analyzes images, and returns the top 10 colours used in the image. The… Read More
Pong is a table tennis-themed 2-player 2D arcade video game developed in the early 1970s. The game consists of two paddles/strikers, located at the left… Read More
Prerequisite: Structure in C In this article, we are going to check on how to check test cases for the signup page using C language.… Read More
Online Shopping applications are one of the favorite applications out of all online applications. It is a very much used application in everyone’s life. So,… Read More
In this article, we will put some light on the application named Mitosheet and how we can use it to manipulate Pandas Dataframe easily. Prerequisite … Read More
Wordle is a famous game in which we have to guess a specific word from the given suggestions. We can get to know the length… Read More
There are many android applications present in the market which are available to play songs on mobile phones. The famous one of all these music… Read More
Apache Velocity is an open-source java-based templating engine that can play as an alternative to JSP (Jakarta server pages). It is helpful to generate XML… Read More
In the software industry, contents are transferred or portable via various documents with formats like TXT, XLS, or PDF or even sometimes with MP4 format… Read More
In the software industry, presentations play a major role as information can be conveyed easily in a presentable way via presentations. Using Java, with the… Read More
In the software industry, information needs to be portable and hence any valid data is available in XLS and XLSX formats i.e. excel formats. In… Read More
AsciiDoc is nothing but a text document mainly used to prepare help documents, and documentation on various concepts like documenting web pages, product review pages,… Read More

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