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Decision Making in scripting is similar to decision-making in real life. In scripting, DBAs face some situations where they want a certain part of the… Read More
The ROW_NUMBER() function is a type of window function that could be used in SQL Server to assign a successive number to each row within… Read More
DROP statement in a relational database management system (RDBMS) is used to delete a database object such as a table, index, or view. It can… Read More
There are multiple ways to find a day name from a date in SQL Server. Below we will a few methods to find the day… Read More
SQL tuning is the process of enhancing SQL queries to speed up the performance of your server. Its main goal is to shorten the time… Read More
An Input Parameter can influence the subset of rows it returns from a select statement within it. A calling script can get the value of… Read More
Pre-requisites: Audit Trail In today’s world, data plays a vital role for any organization. Not just for the organization but also for customers. It becomes… Read More
Oracle is a versatile database and it is highly secured and hence to a large extent used in banking and insurance applications. Though NoSQL database… Read More
SQL injection is a common vulnerability in web applications that can be exploited to inject malicious SQL code into a database. An attacker who knows… Read More
SQL Server is a versatile database. It adheres to the principles of Relational Database Management and hence it is a popular RDBMS. As data is… Read More
Pre requisites: Introduction of MS SQL Server, Intro to SQL Server | Architecture  Microsoft SQL Server or MS SQL Server for short is the query… Read More
Prerequisites: Window functions in SQL FRAME clause is used with window/analytic functions in SQL. Whenever we use a window function, it creates a ‘window’ or… Read More
MySQL is a relational database management system based on SQL-Structured Query Language used for accessing and managing records in a database. It can be easily… Read More
SQL Mapping is an easier technique in which a normal user imagined columns(normally we say as metadata) are stored in the form of different tables.… Read More
View and Table both are integral parts of a relational database, and both terms are used interchangeably. The view is a result of an SQL… Read More

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