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Category Archives: Perl

Perl is a cross-platform, open-source computer programming language that is extensively used in both the commercial and private sectors. Perl is popular among Web developers… Read More
Web applications use HTML forms to receive inputs from the user. HTML forms have one major drawback that a user can save the form in… Read More
Perl is a multi-purpose interpreted language that is often implemented using Perl scripts that can be saved using the .pl extension and run directly using… Read More
In Perl generally, we have to read CSV (Comma Separated Values) files to extract the required data. Sometimes there are dates in the file name… Read More
In Perl, taint mode is a way to make our code more secure. It makes our program fussier about the data that it receives from… Read More
A regular expression or a regex is a string of characters that define the pattern that we are viewing. It is a special string describing… Read More
In Perl, there are values of different types like strings, integers, rational numbers, and more. Coercion is responsible for converting one data type of data… Read More
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an internet protocol that works on TCP/IP and is used to access information from directories. The LDAP protocol is… Read More
In Perl, when a code-script gets bigger in size i.e. contains hundreds of lines of code, it becomes difficult to manage such a code-script. To… Read More
Perl allows its users to send mails using the Perl code-script. There are various ways to send email using Perl. These emails can be simple… Read More
Perl is a general-purpose, high level interpreted and dynamic programming language. It was developed by Larry Wall, in 1987. Perl was originally developed for text… Read More
Julia: Julia is a high-level programming language which was developed by 4 people at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This programming language is used in… Read More
Perl is a general-purpose, high level interpreted and dynamic programming language. Since Perl is a lot similar to other widely used languages syntactically, it is… Read More
In Perl, Object Oriented concept is very much based on references and Arrays/Hashes. The few main terms of object-oriented programming with respect to Perl programming… Read More
Perl allows the handling of Databases with the help of Perl Scripts. These scripts run with the help of a module known as DBI(Database Independent… Read More

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