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Try to predict the output of following code: public class Geeksforgeeks {     public static void main(String[] args)     {         System.out.println(2+0+1+6+"GeeksforGeeks");         System.out.println("GeeksforGeeks"+2+0+1+6);         System.out.println(2+0+1+5+"GeeksforGeeks"+2+0+1+6);         System.out.println(2+0+1+5+"GeeksforGeeks"+(2+0+1+6));     } }  … Read More
“Setjump” and “Longjump” are defined in setjmp.h, a header file in C standard library. setjump(jmp_buf buf) : uses buf to remember current position and returns… Read More
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Click here for Set 1 of Vectors.   Modifiers 1.1 assign(input_iterator first, input_iterator last) – Assigns new content to vector and resize 1.2 assign(size_type n,… Read More
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