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Category Archives: Kotlin

View Shaker is an android animation in which the UI of the screen vibrates for a specific interval of time. We can implement this View… Read More
There are several ways to earn money from mobile applications such as selling products online through applications or simply displaying ads within applications. There are… Read More
Sometimes the user has to save some article that is being displayed on the web browser. So for saving that article or a blog users… Read More
Speech to Text is used in most applications such as Google Search for searching any query. For using this feature user simply has to tap… Read More
Image slider is seen in most e-commerce applications that display advertisements on the home screen. This slider displays the advertisement banners which users can slide… Read More
SearchView is a widget in android which provides a search interface with the help of which users can be able to make searches within the… Read More
View Flipper is a UI component in Android which is used to flip the view within the screen in the android application. The View Flipper… Read More
Floating action buttons are used in android applications to indicate the user for some priority-based task. Generally floating action buttons in the android applications are… Read More
A Grid View is a type of adapter view that is used to display the data in the grid layout format. For setting the data… Read More
Tab Layout is seen used in most applications such as WhatsApp in which users can navigate to multiple screens easily by simply swiping to the… Read More
A ListView is a type of view in which data is being displayed in a vertically scrollable list and each view within the list is… Read More
Calendar View is seen in most travel booking applications in which the user has to select the date of the journey. For the selection of… Read More
Pre-requisites: Android App Development Fundamentals for Beginners Guide to Install and Set up Android Studio Android | Starting with first app/android project Android | Running… Read More
By Line Pattern, we mean various patterns that can be used to display a line. For example, dotted line (……), slashed line (/////////), hashed line… Read More
In Jetpack Compose, a TextField is a UI element that lets users type in text as an input. This input can then be stored and… Read More

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